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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I was going to leave this in the Twitter/Facebook thread initially, but if there is a lot of discussion it might start clogging up that thread, so we'll try it in its own thread here.

Basically, this thread is for discussion about KC's Q & A's on Facebook.

If you have an idea for a question, but maybe just want to run it by someone first, please post it here. We can't all remember every single detail in the books, so feel free to put your thoughts out to the group before you submit your question.

We can also use this thread to discuss the answers KC posts.

Hopefully we can put a few questions together on a regular basis, and someone can submit them. KC says that she has 'the smart fans', so we have a reputation to live up to!!

Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ | 1164 comments I guess it is too vague a question but I wonder how the demon realm politics goes. We know that Rosier became a big hit later on while coming from a "lesser" power. There seems to be a council too...how many members and how many cast of demons are there? Are there levels of "hell"? (ok, channeling Dante's inferno a bit too much but that's what you get when reading the Hollow series).

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments This is a good idea Valerie!

I don't know how much information we'll be able to prise out of KC since we might be running into spoiler territory. About Rosier, I wonder if a general "What can you tell us about Rosier's background & his rise to power?" might get us some information? Sometimes I think if a question is too specific to something in the plot, she won't answer, but a more general question might get some crumbs, even if you don't learn everything. I would have thought asking how many council members & how many different types of demons would be safe (though of course there's no guarantees).

About Hell, doesn't it say there are many different areas of hell in the books somewhere, though I don't know about 'levels' exactly.

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments OK, from Q & A 29, KC says about Marlowe's sexuality ...

"I never actually recall saying anything about Marlowe’s preferences, one way or the other."

and ...

But if it makes you happy to think of him as bi, go for it. There’s nothing in the books to contradict you.

I feel those statements could be somewhat misleading to be honest. It's strongly implied that he's attracted to Gillian in the short stories. They kiss and grope each other a little.

But ... let's not forget how utterly manipulative KC's vamps are. You could re-read the scenes with a more cynical eye and interpret them somewhat differently. Marlowe needs a witch, so he plays along and flirts a little, cos that'll make her more amenable to his plans. He'll do whatever's necessary to get the job done and his own personal tastes don't factor into it. KC does state that vamps use sex as a tool, and I think this is what's happening here. And that makes me wonder about Mircea and Cassie again. Don't tell me that Marlowe is the only cynical, using vampire out there, cos I'm not buying it!

I lol'd at the answer about Marlowe & The Consul, especially at the "...whatever she is these days" comment!

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Mircea speaks German, my mother tongue! Woo hoo!

Even if Marlowe is attracted to Gillian, it doesn't contradict him being bi.

Btw, I just love how KC answers her questions. I hope we can come up with some more.

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Sarah, you can now imagine Mircea whispering German terms of endearment in your ear. Though, beyond 'liebling', I don't know any!

And he also speaks Old Church Slavonic!! Wow! I've never even heard of such a thing. It's sounds freaking awesome. I bet you've got to wear a pointy hat to speak it! I soooo want to learn some Old Church Slavonic swear words.

About Marlowe, I just thought it was kind of weird to say Marlowe had never shown any preference, when he was getting it on with Gillian in the short stories. I'm sure about 99% of the people in this group (who had read the Marlowe shorts) would never have considered him to be anything other than straight.

I did have a good laugh at her comments about Radu though, especially the 'bottomed out' comment!!

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
Hahaha! Yeah, the Radu comment made me laugh as well.

If you don't know much about the real Marlowe, I'm sure you'd see him as straight. It was the same for me. I didn't know about him (most likely) being bi.

Unfortunately, German is not a very sexy language. I rather hear him speaking English, French or Romanian. *drools*

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I think French probably wins hands down in the sexy accent league. Though I am partial to a nice lilt from the south of Ireland (not the North, it's a bit harsher sounding). I'm not actually that familiar with a Romanian accent. I'll need to try to find a video of someone speaking it or something!

Anyway, I have decided that since Marlowe is officially Bi, I can now indulge my filthy fantasies about him, me and Louis Cesare!!

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
You should defo check out Romanian. Ah hell, when Mircea and Cassie get it on and KC says he speaks it... So hot!

Hahahaha! You have a dirty mind, Lannister! I'm shocked!

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
Btw, if you know the Dracula movie with Gary Oldman... There they speak Romanian in a few scenes.

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments LOL, I'm sure you've had a naughty thought or ten about Mircea!! I've seen the Dracula movie but it was forever ago and I can't remember off the top of my head. I'll have a look on YouTube and see if there's anything there.

BTW I see KC totally blanked my question about Cassie's father and the Black Circle power. That was more or less what I was expecting, but I suppose even a No Comment tells you something. If it was completely unrelated, she might have explained a little more.

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I was wondering about something that might be a question for KC, but I'm not sure if it's covered in the books already.

We see that there is a certain amount of almost telepathic communication between some of the vamps. I wondered if this is a master/servant thing, or something only the more powerful can do or what? Does this get covered anywhere? The Consul communicates telepathically with Mircea a couple of times, but I don't know if, for example, we ever see Mircea communicating this way with the vampires he made. Am I right in thinking he communicates with Cassie in the manner at one point? Do you think all the powerful vamps can talk like this, e.g. could Mircea and Louis Cesare have mind chats? What do you all think?

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
I'm not sure but don't Mircea and LC do that in one of the Dory books and she doesn't like it? Or maybe it was Cassie in a scene. But I'm sure I read that somewhere.

We also know the masters and their servants are connected. It says when the master is successfull (in business or even the bedroom) they get a boost as well. But I'm not sure about the telepathic communication. Maybe you really need to be at a certain level to be able to do that.

But like I said, I don't remember the exact details of the scenes and could be wrong.

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Yeah, I couldn't remember exactly either and didn't want to ask a silly question! I had a feeling that Cassie & Mircea did it in Hunt the Moon. I can't remember anything from the Dory books, but that's probably just my bad memory.

I'm thinking it's probably a power thing, since The Consul uses it. I think I'll try to devise a question.

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I don't know if this is a spoiler, but... (view spoiler)

message 16: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments OK, I've drafted out a couple of questions for KC. I still want to write up something about the whole telepathy thing, but I'll get to that later. Tell me what you think of these questions ....

We understand you were considering an alternative ending to Embrace the Night involving two Mirceas, but your publisher vetoed it. Did this ending ever get written, and if so, is it ever likely to end up in the Deleted Scenes section of your web site? Enquiring minds want to know!

At the very end of the Fury’s Kiss teaser, Dory describes a voice with power enough to prevent her from rising up. It’s fairly obvious this is Mircea. In other books you’ve described revenants who fail to recognize their Master’s voice when they’re first turned and they have to be destroyed as they are a danger. Does this mean that Mircea is Dory’s ‘Master’ since he seems to be able to control her with his voice. And if so, will Dory never have autonomy? (I'm assuming most 500 year old vamps would have attained autonomy from their masters.) Is Dory different because she is dhampir? Or will a master always be able to use his Voice over a servant, no matter what level they're at? And is he able to control her fits because he is her Master?

What do you think? Do they make sense?

I'm trying to figure out a question about Lord Marlowe but can't come up with one yet LOL!

message 17: by Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥ , Mircea's Moderatrix (new)

Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
I think the questions make perfect sense.

message 18: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Thanks Sarah, I'll email them to her. And I need to go think about the telepathy one. I don't quite know how to word it.

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Jax | 831 comments Lannister wrote: "I think French probably wins hands down in the sexy accent league. Though I am partial to a nice lilt from the south of Ireland (not the North, it's a bit harsher sounding). I'm not actually that f..."

Try the YA series Strange Angels by Lilith Saintcrow - she uses Romanian and I think Polish with her one character....
LOL - I went online to get translations... cos I HAD to know what he was saying! LOL

message 20: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I don't really read YA to be honest Jax. I'll need to make do with Mircea's mutterings in Romanian!

I've looked up translations before too! How did we ever survive before Google Translate LOL!

I think I'll need to look into buying the audio books for this series. I don't really listen to audio books much cos I can read faster, but it would be fun to hear the characters brought to life by the narrator.

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I have another couple of questions to submit to KC. What do you all think of the wording on these:
Q. Can you give us a quick recap on the current members of the North American Sentate? We know some have died, some are off healing and some we haven't heard about since the early books. Obviously big changes are coming and we'd like to know the current situation before the next Dory book comes out.

Q. You've mentioned vampire telepathy in several of the books. Can you explain it a little more? Initially I thought it was a skill only the high level masters had, then I wondered if a master and his servant could do it regardless of their power level. Now I'm wondering if any old vampire can communicate telepathically? I guess if they can use their minds to bamboozle humans, they could also use their minds to talk to each other? Would appreciate any insights you can give.

I have a feeling there was other stuff I wanted to ask about the telepathy thing, but I can't remember now.

What do you all think? And does anyone else have any other questions they want asked? And no, I'm not asking about vampire semen or Marlowe's nuts LMAO!

(Just imagine it: Dear Karen, why do you hate Lord Marlowe's testicles? Why are they always being kicked, stabbed, elbowed and beaten? Are Marlowe's nuts in league with the Black Circle? kthxbai!)

message 22: by Anna (new)

Anna | 1680 comments Great
Could you send her some shoe suggestions?

message 23: by Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥ , Mircea's Moderatrix (new)

Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
I like the questions, Lannister.

message 24: by Jax (new)

Jax | 831 comments I second Sarah - Good Questions...

As I suck at these things, could you also ask about Pritkins Mom? All we know is that she was Fey... and not much more...But I have a feeling that something special about her is the reason Pritkin was one of Rosier's Successes....

message 25: by Anna (new)

Anna | 1680 comments ooo good idea Jax -never really thought about Pritkin's mum - so obvious!

message 26: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Am just getting round to submitting these questions now.

Jax, About Pritkin's mother, to be honest, I'm not convinced that there actually was anything special about her. There's a quote from Embrace the Night where Pritkin talks about his mother:

“That that creature forced himself on my mother, knowing she would die in childbirth like the hundreds of other women he’d assaulted? That only the small amount of Fey blood she possessed gave her the strength to survive until their child was born? That I exist solely because of his perverse curiosity to see if such a thing was even possible?”

So, she wasn't actually Fey, she just happened to have some Fey blood in her, which protected her somewhat through the pregnancy, until she died giving birth.

Do you feel this answers your question somewhat, or would you still want me to ask something. How would you like me to word it?

message 27: by Jax (new)

Jax | 831 comments LOL - Yeah, I'm terrible with wording on things like this... I generally bug my hubby for help, but as he hasn't read the series, he's of no help! LOL

It was actually that scene (the one you mentioned above) that got my mind working on the info about his mom. As he was raised by Rosier,cos' his mom was dead - he wouldn't have much info on his mom...

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Well, on being raised by Rosier, I believe he was 24 when Rosier took him. He basically raised himself. There's a paragraph in Curse the Dawn about this ...

"After Merlin’s mother died in childbirth, her family disowned her half-demon child. He somehow survived anyway, becoming a local curiosity who lived alone in the woods. Some said he was a madman, others a prophet, still others whispered of an unusually powerful wizard, whose human magic was strengthened by demon blood. None had thought to speculate about what it had been like, growing up alone, shunned and regarded as a freak of nature."

However, I was thinking of wording the question something like this ...
Can you tell us anything more about Pritkin's mother? Why did Rosier pick her? Was she just in the wrong place at the right time, or was there something special about her that attracted Rosier? Did he know she had some fey blood, or was that just lucky chance?

What do you think of that? Does that cover it?

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
The lates Q&A is up and this

But the Consul was starting to worry about his growing power, and decided to force the issue as a loyalty test.

is really interesting. Maybe we'll really see a showdown between Mircea and the Consul.

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
About the scene with two Mirceas...

but I think it may be lost forever at this point


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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ wrote: "The lates Q&A is up and this

But the Consul was starting to worry about his growing power, and decided to force the issue as a loyalty test.

is really interesting. Maybe we'll really see a showdo..."

Yeah, I thought that too. That's twice the Consul has tested Mircea, cos she did it in one of the Dory books too (and he failed that one). I hadn't realised that this was one of her 'tests'. She's definitely getting more and more paranoid about Mircea. I REALLY hope it builds to a showdown, cos that would be so awesome!!

LOLing about the two Mirceas scene. Ah well, I guess there's always fanfic!

I'm wondering about the Voice thing with Dory too. I wonder if this somehow relates to Mircea interfering with her memories, and that's how he can control her?? I wonder if we'll get more in Fury's Kiss.

I also laughed at how Jack's position in the Senate is "Persuader".

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
The 'persuader' made me laugh as well.

Maybe I didn't get it but did she actually really answer the question about the voice thing with Dory? She said Mircea is not her master and I'm still confused.

message 33: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Yeah, I don't entirely get it either. She said that dhampirs don't have masters and that's why they can't be stopped from going loopy and killing everything in sight. That makes sense and I probably should have figured that out already. But she doesn't say HOW Mircea is able to control Dory. It's either got to be through him being able to manipulate her memories/brain (though surely any Master vampire could do that then?) or perhaps something unique because she is his daughter. Maybe a shared blood thing?

I think I want to apply to be the Senate Liaison for the Were Community, since the position is open. I want to 'liaise' with Curran in what would be the best series crossover EVER!!

I wonder who the Demon liaison will be? That might be a factor in the next Cassie book.

message 34: by Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥ , Mircea's Moderatrix (new)

Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6023 comments Mod
Oh, I like your plan about the Were liaison. Very smart idea!

I thought him being her father might explain it and expected KC to say something about that. Very weird. Maybe we'll get a more throrough explanation on one of the books.

message 35: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments We might get more info in Fury's Kiss and that's why KC doesn't want to say too much. I hope so, anyway!

Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ | 1164 comments I have not read the teaser chapters from Fury's kiss but could it be that the more a vampire messes with your brain, the more 'access' he has to it? We know that Dory has some gaps in her memory that are surfacing. Just a thought.

I found it a little sad when Karen said that she is doing pretty much everything alone so she can't be involved more with her fans.

message 37: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments That's a good guess Valerie. It might be hard to interfere with someone's thoughts at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

I can't shake the feeling that Mircea's memory wiping and Dory responding to his Voice must be linked. Maybe he somehow implanted a 'command' that she must obey him. I mean, we've seen Mircea command Cassie to go to sleep, so maybe it works something like that. Dory is half human after all. I hope we find out more in the book.

It is a shame that KC doesn't have more help. It would be great if she had a personal Twitter feed or a blog like some other authors, cos you feel like you get to know their personalities that way. KC doesn't really put herself out there all that much - though maybe she prefers it that way, and I'm certainly not criticizing her for that!

I do think these Q & As are totally awesome though and I'm so glad she takes the time to write them.

message 38: by Josie (new)

Josie | 643 comments Tbh, it sounds like whatever is allowing Mircea to control Dory is a good thing. I'm thinking that if it wasn't for Mircea (and I'm not just talking of his political power), Dory wouldn't be alive. I mean she is one of the oldest (and very rare) dhampirs and I guess that has a lot to do with Mircea. It makes me really like Mircea, when you see his loyalty to his family :P

Buuuttt... did anyone get the feeling KC was shedding some of her feelings about Mircea's thoughts on Cassie?

"Mircea felt that it was more important for him to spend time with Cassie — you know, the Pythia whose favor they needed so badly? — rather than physically showing up for a head count."

"So Mircea was resisting, until his own masters intervened and he went for the sake of keeping the peace. But he put Cassie to sleep before he left!"

message 39: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Josie, yeah I agree that it probably is Mircea who has helped Dory stay alive. It's been mentioned often that dhampirs usually self-destruct spectacularly while they're still relatively young, and Dory is quite exceptional in living to 500 years. I don't think it's any coincidence that her father just happens to be 1) one of the most powerful vamps in the world and 2) extremely protective of his family. I'm guessing he managed to exert some form of control over her in the early days, which did help her stay alive, but also allows him to mess with her head!

That's interesting how you interpret those comments from KC. I had actually wondered about her reply to this question too, though in a slightly different way from you. This was my question and I just wanted an insight into how the telepathy worked and who could do it. But the reply gave us a whole load of info about vampire politics and the relationship between Mircea and the Consul. Now I am absolutely delighted to have this info, cos the vamp politics and Mircea vs The Consul is one of my very favourite things to speculate on. But, strictly speaking, this wasn't what I asked. It's like KC wanted us to know (or wanted to remind us, at least) that relations between Mircea and The Consul are strained and that there's a whole load of politicking going on behind the scenes. I think I said above that I hadn't realised that this was another of the Consul's tests. Did anyone figure that out? I wonder if KC realised that she hadn't made it clear enough that the Consul was testing Mircea again, but she wanted us readers to know. If that's the case, I cannot wait to see how this story line plays out!!

I see she didn't answer one of the questions I asked (about Pritkin's mother), so I'm hoping we'll get another Q&A soon. So if anyone else has an idea for a question, please do share!

message 40: by Josie (last edited Jun 17, 2012 03:13AM) (new)

Josie | 643 comments It was a good question, Lannister!

I don't think I realised it was a test either (how many is she going to do lol?), although you could really see his fustration with the Consul. Plus, I bet it was pretty tense when he did go and speak to her. I reckon that when he actually talks about Cassie with other vamps/in a political setting, he emphasises how useful she is etc rather than the fact that she's his wife and family (which is also what I got out of the answer).

I'm interested in Pritkin's mother too, although maybe the answer would have been too spoilery ;)

message 41: by Josie (new)

Josie | 643 comments I love the scene in Death's Mistress where the Consul is testing Mircea (again) and he chooses Dory. I also like the conversation that she hears when they're talking politics/war/Cassie.

After though Mircea says in a bit of a foreboding way:

"But one thing is sure: it will be different. Loyalties will be tested. Age-old alliances will have to woo new members or they will not survive. And change is not something our people face with equanimity."

But then again, Mircea is good at forming alliances. He's already powerful and famous in his own right (I love that he is Drac's brother). Now he's potentially got the Pythia, and through Cassie, he's got Pritkin (who is pretty darn powerful). Not that I think Pritkin will do whatever Mircea says or has any control over him but I think there is very little he wouldn't do for Cassie. Overall I think Pritkin makes it harder for Mircea to control Cassie but essentially he does protect her and I also have a feeling that he is slightly wary of Pritkin and is trying to work out what he is (which kind of explains why he hasn't tried to take him out yet).
Then he has Dory and LC which are quite the fighting duo.
I think it's interesting how the Consul says:

"I do not care that Louis-Cesare indulges his perversions, only that he fights for me while he does it."

Not to fight for us but me. Maybe she says it because she's the leader but it's almost like she's isolating herself and very conscious of Mircea's powerbase.
I'm also wondering if Mircea's thinking of the connection of Dorina to Claire, seeing as she's the Blarestri royal princess.

message 42: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Josie, well I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't realise the Consul was testing Mircea again LOL!

Mircea definitely does emphasise the 'business' side of his relationship with Cassie, rather than the personal (though he wouldn't have one without the other). Most vamps seem to believe Cassie's more like a teenager smitten with a rockstar, than a powerful woman in her own right. I wonder if Mircea would lose face in the vamp community if it were widely known that he cared about her. Actually, it's probably not so much losing face, as showing a weakness that others could exploit. As if Cassie doesn't have enough enemies already!

Those closest to Mircea seem to have a better idea though. There's a discussion between Mircea and Marlowe about Cassie:

“She is under the Senate’s control.” [Mircea] paused. “More or less.”
“She is under your control, Mircea,” Marlowe insisted. “Her loyalty is to you. She is suspicious of the Consul."

You can bet that if Marlowe gets their true relationship, the Consul knows the reality too.

That scene in Death's Mistress with The Consul 'testing' Mircea, followed by his conversation with Marlowe is one of my favourite bits of all the books. There are just so many possibilities arising out of it! I see, according to the timeline on KC's web site, that Hunt the Moon came after Death's Mistress, so obviously the Consul's paranoia is not abating any, as the mindspeak scene with Mircea would have been her second test for him.

I'm wondering if filling the new seats on the Senate may be what finally pushes the Consul over the edge. You're absolutely right Josie, that forming alliances is what Mircea does best, and I think, so far, he's always networked with the best interests of his Senate in mind (rather than his own personal position). But maybe the Consul will see him getting too close to the new Senate members and this might tip the power balance in Mircea's favour (at least, in the Consul's mind). There's another line in that scene where Mircea says about the Consul "I will serve her loyally until such a time as she moves against those I consider mine." I wonder if this could be foreshadowing, and we might get an attack on either Cassie or Dory, initiated by the Consul.

I doubt it has escaped Mircea's notice that Dory now has powerful connections with the Fae (cos Caedmon's a fan too). He just hasn't had need to exploit them yet. (And The Consul will be aware of these connections too).

On Pritkin, I don't think there's any love lost there. I actually think Mircea would be happier if Pritkin never came back from hell, but he wouldn't dare make a move against him because he knows he would lose Cassie, so the payoff wouldn't be worth it.

message 43: by Josie (new)

Josie | 643 comments Oh who knows what's going to happen!! So many possibilities :D
There's so many different players but all this tension does appear to be leading to some kind of... falling out. As powerful and old as the Consul is, she does seem somewhat impulsive - I'm not sure if it's in her nature or whether that's because of the stress and change of everything. If I were to guess at what sets it off, I would agree with you Lannister, it would be because of the line you picked out and she does something stupid with Mircea's family, namely Cassie or Dory. I think that would really set him off (and for some reason I'm perversely interested in seeing it :P). I am a little worried about the outcome though.
On Pritkin, definitely Mircea would rather he didn't come back, and I think he'll try to stop Cassie going after him. In actual fact, I think this will be the point where she ultimately chooses Pritkin (sorry, I know how you feel about Mircea lol) and will change her relationship with Mircea.

message 44: by Lannister (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments I feel that there are so many clues and hints dropped about Mircea and the Consul's relationship that it has to lead somewhere, or it's a bit pointless. It may not be a fight to the death or anything like that though. Maybe Mircea will go off somewhere on his own. Hey, maybe he'll take charge of the South American Senate, since it seems there's a vacancy there and Tomas isn't interested!

The Consul is definitely paranoid and Mircea said she was scared and that was affecting her decision-making. It's kind of strange how she just blanks out sometimes. Maybe she's got the vampire equivalent of dementia!

I keep thinking of that comment KC made a few months back about there being easter eggs or hints about plot direction through the stories that the fans hadn't picked up on. I don't know if the Mircea/Consul thing is one of them (though I hope it is!)

Hey, I want Cassie to chose Pritkin!! I think he would be so much better for her (Mircea fans, please don't kill me!!) I wish we could get some sort of idea when the next Cassie book is out. :(

message 45: by Josie (new)

Josie | 643 comments Lol Lannister! For some reason I thought you were a Mircea-Cassie fan :P

About the Consul, I'm just surprised she hasn't been more savvy I suppose. I mean she might be doing clever stuff behind the scenes or we'll see her emerge in future books, but at the moment? I don't know. Mircea seems more manipulative and in-control and you would've thought she'd be trying to get Cassie on board etc. It seems like her "negotiating" is just about making threats and being scary, just like with Cassie and LC. It's like she realises that she needs Mircea more than he needs her, which probably worries her.

I love the idea of hints! But I'm kind of rubbish at getting them lol!

Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ | 1164 comments The question also would be how much does Mircea wants to lead? Is he happy being in the shadow?

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments Josie, I think I'm a fan of Cassie and Mircea sex scenes! (But hey, aren't we all!)

That's an excellent point about the Consul needing Mircea more than he needs her. I get the impression the Consul carved out her niche in North America, then basically sat back content to be top dog. Mircea, on the other hand, has been out there networking like fury, using his charm, looks, famous name and possibly his body to persuade others to his way of thinking, but always for the benefit of the Senate. Now that the Consul's gone all paranoid, she's probably starting to realise just how many alliances Mircea has made, should he ever turn against her.

I think vampires wouldn't hesitate to switch sides if they thought it would benefit them, so while some Masters may appear to support the Consul, if they thought they'd get more power or a better deal of some sort under Mircea, they'd jump ship in a minute. I'm sure the Consul is aware of this!

Valerie, I think that comment I posted above sums up Mircea's stance (where he said "I will serve her loyally until such a time as she moves against those I consider mine.") I don't think Mircea would be the one to start a coup unless his hand was forced. I get the impression he's quite happy with his current position and would prefer the status quo to continue. But if the Consul forces his hand (by say going after Dory or Cassie, or hell, even Radu), all bets would be off.

Though, this begs the question, how on earth do you kill the Consul? I suppose it's not impossible, since Anthony nearly died in the last Dory book, and I assumed he and the Consul were probably equal in power. But KC has also mentioned that it's really hard to kill a master like Mircea. So it must be REALLY hard to kill the Consul!

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Josie | 643 comments Good points!
I actually have a feeling that Mircea might be as powerful if not more than the Consul, for a few reasons:
- As we've said, it seems like it's Mircea's choice not to be the head of the Senate therefore it's likely to assume that it is not because of his lack of power.
- As we've also said before, he can play the game well and making alliances comes is easy to him. All the alliances of the Senate are made through him therefore he probably knows a lot of people, no doubt knowing all their names and doing what Cassie says he does best, making everyone feel important.
- The Consul wouldn't be so worried about Mircea taking over if there was no threat from him.

I wonder how big the Consul's family is compared to Mircea? I mean she must have a family, right? I can't remember if it's ever mentioned :?

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Lannister (lannisteruk) | 10911 comments That's interesting. I must admit, I'd always assumed the Consul was streets ahead of Mircea in terms of sheer power, just because she's so old, but I suppose there's a lot more to ruling than just brute strength. And when you outline those points, I can kinda see why she's so worried LOL!

I have no doubt that if Mircea were to become head of the Senate, he wouldn't have a problem keeping his position, because he's very smart and kinda knows when to use the carrot and when to use the whip, if you see what I mean! But getting that position in the first place might not be so straight-forward. The only way Mircea will lead the American Senate is if the Consul's dead.

I think KC could do some really interesting things with Mircea's loyalties in the future. The Consul wants to lead the war against the Black Circle, and Mircea will fight to protect the vampire society because he feels it's part of his job description. But what if, in the middle of the war, the Consul attacked Cassie/Dory/Radu? Mircea would feel compelled to go after her, but he may not be able to, since her death might endanger their position in the war. It would be an interesting predicament for him.

Anyway, I'm drifting off topic! We had a big showdown between Mircea and Dracula, so the idea of another one between Mircea and the Consul isn't too far-fetched. I presumed that most of the guards you hear about around the Senate meeting room belonged to the Consul, but I don't think we've ever heard anything about the size of her family. The only one we know about for sure is Marlowe. How could you forget him?!! :D This is why I think Mircea and Marlowe's relationship is so interesting, because they may end up on opposite sides, even though neither of them probably wants to be. If my cutie pie gets staked and beheaded (probably by Dory), I'll curl up in a corner and cry! :D

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Hedgehog | 55 comments I would like to know where Marlowe's court is.

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