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What happened with Will Grayson and Tiny?
Abilene Abilene Feb 24, 2012 05:22AM
Did Will Grayson and Tiny get back together? Or did Tiny go out with the hot guy in the audience?

From the ending I think that Will and Tiny most definitely do not get back together. My guess is that Tiny dates that hot guy from the audience for a little while and goes back to his usual new-boyfriend-ever-week Tiny, and that Will and Gideon end up together and last. Well, that's just how I'd like to hope it panned out if the book had went on.

deleted member May 24, 2012 01:20AM   1 vote
It is implied that Will knew he was the wrong person for Tiny, and therefore was happy when the 'hot guy' and Tiny traded phone numbers. As much as this probably hurt him, he knew and inferred he was doing the right thing, which was to inevitably move on.

I always thought they would get together but reading the comments here and actually rereading the ending, I don't even know why did I think so. I probably just really wanted them together. It now seems obvious that they don't get back together.

I think they went their separate ways for a while and then got back together :) or at least this is my hope.

I had thought that Will and Tiny had chosen to go separate ways but remembering that each was still a big part of each others life. Seeing as Will was then able to accept who he was more so and that he and Gideon would get together. Tiny would have moved on to other boys which was implied by the hot guy form the audience.

Daisy (last edited Jun 17, 2014 05:49AM ) Jun 17, 2014 05:48AM   0 votes
OMG, I never really processed the fact that Tiny and the hot guy in the audience exchanged phone numbers. I always just assumed will and Tiny got back together, but now you say it it doesn't seem very likely that they did. Shame, but Gideon and will make a nice couple.
If this really was the way that it was intended to turn out, will and Tiny not ending up together, then I wish the authors could have laid it on thicker that Tiny was unsettled when he'd been with the same person for over a week.

Viva (last edited Feb 13, 2018 09:05PM ) Feb 13, 2018 09:04PM   0 votes
Abilene wrote: "Did Will Grayson and Tiny get back together? Or did Tiny go out with the hot guy in the audience?"

I was confused about if Will and Tiny got back together but I think it's implied that Will got together with Gideon because in the car on the way to the play Will thinks about the fact that both Maura and Tony wanted to feel the way Will felt when he was with Gideon but that it was never going to happen because they just weren't the right fit for him. Even when he calls out to Tiny from the audience he's squeezing Gideon's pinky. And if you look back through the book, there are little hints that Will likes gideon. Will also tells other Will online that he misses Tiny, "but not in the way he wants me to." Will misses Tiny as a friend and wants to show Tiny he appreciates him because if it weren't for Tiny then Will would still have been depressed and hating himself and his life would not have changed in the ways that it had over the past few weeks. Tiny and pink pants guy were, I think, to show that Tiny was going to move on and be fine (and maybe a bit of a joke about how he always has a new crush/boyfriend every few weeks.) I feel like everything in this book was really subtle and easy to miss.

Ranrick (last edited Apr 15, 2012 12:24PM ) Apr 07, 2012 10:46PM   0 votes
I think they became friends, Will accepted his sexuality and he was great-full that Tiny helped him to do so

Although I don't think Will and Tiny get back together, I think they'll remember just how much of an impact the other made on their life. I think Tiny will get together with hot guy from the audience. And I think Will and Gideon will get together.

I like to think that Tiny and Will do NOT get back together, but they stay friends...and I actually like to believe Tiny found the right guy for him, while Will ended up with Gideon.

B L Jones (last edited Jun 17, 2014 11:24AM ) Feb 03, 2013 10:52AM   0 votes
I think thier relationship was about so much more than just dating, they had a massive impact on each others lives. I think maybe Tiny got with the bloke from the audience and then went on loving a new boy every week, and maybe Will got with Gideon, although i don't really care because the story wasn't really about that, it was about all kinds of love and friendship and...well... life, and thats why i loved the book x

I think Will wanted to make him happy and he acomplished that by what he did in the play and i guess in some way he was able to let Tiny go and move on but Im really hoping that he and Tiny got together but i dont think so

I hope they got back together but it's hard to say. Or maybe it's supposed to be obvious and I'm just not seeing it. That happens a lot.

I think it's great to wonder and talk about this kind of thing, but I wouldn't worry about what 'actually' happens after the book (or to an extent, what 'actually' happens in the book). The authors wrote the words on the page, and it is up to us as readers to give them interpretations. And we're especially free to speculate on what happens after the book.

And FYI, The Fault in Our Stars, also by John Green, has the role of author intent as one of the many central themes.

And FWIW, I agree with @Debbie.

Kill the Spare (last edited Sep 30, 2012 03:08AM ) Sep 30, 2012 03:07AM   0 votes
I think they realize they are not so good together and just stay friends.. Tiny ends up with the Gay God and Will Grayson ends up with Gideon(Hopefully?)..

I always thought the ending had will grayson and Gideon getting together in the end. Tiny helped will when he desperately needed it, and will was able to accept his sexuality and move forward with his life.

I doubt that Tiny and Will get back together, but I hope that they remember the impact they made on each other's lives. I hope that Will gets together with Gideon, maybe just because he was one of my favorite characters (mostly because he did so much for Will).

I guess that they got back together. Or maybe that is just hoping!

I dont actually know, but i think it could be either way, as much as i would like that to happen it would be nice if the two became best friends and moved on.
although i wish Will Grayson and Maura would become good friends. I felt bad for her because she did all that work to be a part of his life. I bet she looked forward to the conversations as much as he did.

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