Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Logans, #4) Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry question

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what was your favorite character and why? Which character did you like the least?

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I'm readin it at school now and have to do a essay on it... NO :o(

I think Little Man is really sweet and endearing as a young innocent boy.
My least favourite character would be Harlan Granger for the amount he pays his workers, his threats to the Logan family and the fact he is an utter ... Fill in the blanks, he's horrible, just like the blood-thirsty Wallaces.
xx just my humble two cents xx

I read this school at the age of 13 as part of my English class. I was engrossed in it. It is an absolutely amazing read. I haven't read it in a few years (I'm now 26) so I may be rusty on character names etc. but my favorite was of course Cassie. I love her pride and her curiosty and her stubborness. My least liked characters were of course all those ignorant racist characters that you love to hate.


My favorite character of the book are
Cassie and Stacey. Those two are my
favorite characters because they are strong,
brave, courageous, and adventurous. They are
these things to me for many reasons, because
of everything they do in the book.

deleted user Stacey sounds like a very responsible and loyal older brother. i think that family is very important in the book + the Logan family are all heroic in ...more
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