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Phil's role in the relationship between Alex & Edward
Nicolette Nicolette Feb 23, 2012 06:10PM
I think Phil was jealous/envious of the relationship between Alexander and Edward?

Also Phil was the catalyst for Edward questioning his unfulfilled emotional and physical intimacy needs and wanting to explore an alternate lifestyle?

How lovely to have a question about one of my books!

Phil, I think, was a little "dog in the manger" when it came to Ed - he wasn't prepared to admit to himself that he was homosexual (or bisexual). To him, it was simply getting something from a friend that he (says) he wasn't getting from women. See how he behaved when his wife left him--he wasn't particularly involved with her, but fell to pieces when she found someone who was more likely to pay attention to her. Same with Ed - Ed needed more than just occasional body contact, he wanted someone to hold, someone to talk to. And when Phil saw that the happiness that Ed had been feeling wasn't for "some bird" which he had assumed, but for another man he went ballistic. Not simply for the fear of the trouble his friend could be in, but furious that Ed was "cheating" on HIM.

That's how I see it, anyway. :D But my opinion is not definitive, I like readers to form their own views!

Thanks for asking!

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