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Dianna I do not understand how people can read this and not get the FACT that there is no greater act of love a person can do than to give the gift of life to someone else. Never mind that it was to his girlfriends son. Without organ donation many lives will be lost. I know people who have received this gift and I have no doubt they would say to the donor and their family "Your gift to me was definitely the BEST OF YOU".

Michael I think that was the only thing that saved me from rating this book lower than a three, it was a nice twist. I heard all of his previous books, but this was not his best at all.

Joann(san diego shutterbug) I was sadden by the ending. But you are correct Dianna the gift of life is the greatest gift anybody could give. I like how she knew where the donation came from. Definatly another nicholas sparks classic in my opinion.
Cant wait to read his next book.

Dianna I have read every book he has written. I'm glad you got the point too.

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