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message 1: by Angie (last edited Apr 13, 2012 06:26PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments Use this thread to discuss The Boy In The Suitcase by Lene Kaaberbøl.

If you intend to read this book during March or April, could you please post a message below. I'll then add you to this list :)


Sweetp-1 | 402 comments I'm in for this one too. I'm #1 on the waitlist for the audio book. I wanted the ebook but there are already 7 ppl waiting and I didn't think I would get it in time.

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1479 comments I'm feeling a little pressured with the amount of reading I'm planning, but put me down - I'm just reserving a copy so I'll see how it goes.

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments I'll do that, Kathleen. Please don't feel pressured. This certainly doesn't tie you in to anything. I've just requested a copy too. It appears to be a popular book.

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1479 comments Angie wrote: "I'll do that, Kathleen. Please don't feel pressured. This certainly doesn't tie you in to anything. I've just requested a copy too. It appears to be a popular book."

No, it's me who pressures myself! I love book discussion groups (especially when people actually comment on what others have said, so it's not just a shared posting of an opinion), but then I keep borrowing other books that people have recommended, and on top of that I want to re-read (or sometimes read for the first time. . .) all my own books before I sell them on TradeMe.
I'm my own worst enemy. But I love it!

message 6: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J (ngaiob) I'm in for this one. I was given a copy so this is a good reason to push it up the to read list.

Sweetp-1 | 402 comments Just d/l the audio's only 8hr too so hopefully won't take me too long to get through.

Sweetp-1 | 402 comments Anyone reading? I listened to the first 2 parts last night. So far enjoying it very much. There is a definite Scandinavian/European feel to it, similar to Dragon Tattoo I think. I dont normally read mystery/thrillers so it is a nice change of pace for me, and the narrator is a BILLION times better to listen to than the other audio I have on the go.I anticipate finishing it sometime this week :)

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments Still waiting on my copy to come into the library. I'm in no hurry for it to arrive, as I have so many other books I want to get through first.

message 10: by Sweetp-1 (last edited Mar 12, 2012 12:11PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sweetp-1 | 402 comments I will be finishing this today, I have just the last half of the last part to go.

Easily one of the better books I have read this year....I HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!!! Gah.

Thank you to whoeever nominated this book, it is great!

Sweetp-1 | 402 comments Here's my review. Nothing spoilery. I gave it 5 stars - partly I think because the audio was quite outstanding, great narrator. I thought it was a gripping, intense read. Thrillers are not my usual but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments I'm very excited to read this now. The copy I booked came into my library today.

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1479 comments I've started this, but I need to start it again. I've been so patchy in my reading that I can't remember how it started. But I know I'm going to enjoy it.

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1479 comments I finsihed this last week but haven't had the time to focus on writing a review until today so didn't get to here either.
Loved this book - my review is here:
Have you finished reading it yet, Angie and Ngaio? I don't want to put 'spoilers' here, but I'd love to get some opinions on a couple of parts in the book.
I enjoyed your review Sweetp-1.

message 15: by Sweetp-1 (last edited Mar 25, 2012 11:31AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sweetp-1 | 402 comments Kathleen wrote: "In other words, they seemed just like real people."

I think this is what made me enjoy it so much - even though they all had their flaws and some were quite unlikeable, I could still relate to most of the characters. Even Jans (? - the rich guy, I listened to the audio so not sure of spelling) - stupid man he was, I could still understand that kind of desperation that drove him to set all the events in motion.

I agree about your comments too about geography. My european geography knowledge is pretty much limited to what countries are neighbours with France! So I think I'd look that up next time too - I think I did that with Dragon Tattoo actually.

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments You've got me excited. No, I haven't read it yet. Still going with my St Patrick Day books! And mooching my way through The Tiger's Wife. I will let you know as soon as I pick it up.

message 17: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J (ngaiob) I finally got around to reading this. I've put off checking the discussion as being a crime novel I didn't want to risk spoilers. Funnily enough I had picked it up and read the first page a couple of times, but didn't keep going. I figured this weekend I'd have to do it properly if it was actually going to be read in March. Deadlines can be useful!

Initial thoughts: I enjoyed it. Less graphic violence and more characterisation than the other Scandinavian thrillers I have read previously. I tend to prefer character driven books over plot driven so that worked for me. It's difficult to know how much of the sparse writing style that seems common to them is due to translation and how much is typical to the genre in those countries. I imagine a greater knowledge on my part of the political/cultural climate in Denmark would add to the story as well. Probably as a result of our distance we don't seem to have the same level of exposure to refugee issues here.

I did think there were a few leaps in the plot and to me it did read as though there are plans to reveal Nina's history gradually over a few books. I enjoyed the exploration of all the different character motivations though so it will be interesting to see what the authors do with a sequel.

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments Starting this tonight!

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments I think we did a good job in choosing this book for our Around the World 'D' challenge. It was a very easy read and a real page-turner. Initially, I got one or two of the characters mixed up because their Danish names were very similar and I didn't know how to pronounce them correctly. This isn't a criticism, as I am sure people from other countries struggle with a lot of our Maori names in books.
(view spoiler)

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1479 comments Sweetp-1 wrote: "Kathleen wrote: "In other words, they seemed just like real people."

Dragon Tattoo"

I haven't read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - is it good? I've read articles about it, and about the author and his partner and his family issues, and I've seen adverts for the film, but it hasn't yet made priority.

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1479 comments Angie wrote: "[I never really understood Nina and her choices/motivations completely...."

Nina reminded me of a friend of mine who is really intense. I've never really talked with her about how things are at home with hubby+kids, but I wouldn't be surprised if she had similar problems to Nina.

I kind of got why Nina didn't take the little boy to the police, but it is certainly not the option I would choose...

Me either, but didn't the authors do Nina well?! I lived right alongside her. I must make a note somewhere to look out for another title.
Ha! - [book:Invisible Murders|13584160] appears to be coming out this year, and a 3rd has yet to be translated.

I also found this blog post.

message 22: by Angie (last edited Apr 09, 2012 01:45PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Angie (seren-lucy) | 1147 comments Thanks for posting the above links, Kathleen. I have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and especially enjoyed the first one. They are a lot heavier than The Boy in the Suitcase, in size, graphic content and writing style. I watched the first movie too (the one with subtitles) and it was fantastic, but I think to completely understand it it is best to read the book first.

Sweetp-1 | 402 comments Angie, I would agree with your comment re the books before the movies for Dragon Tattoo. The books are very heavy - there is a lot of political background and quite a few secondary storylines and this sort of detail gets lost in the movies. That being said, they do a great job. I've seen all 3 movies (subtitled, I refuse to see the US remake). I found the first dragon book to be a bit of a slog but my the time I got to the third book I was so hooked I read the 3rd one in a little over a day (and it is huge).
They have a more "industrial" feel to them than Boy in the Suitcase, the scandanavian atmosphere is similiar but IMO the Dragon books are a lot heavier, darker, explicit and take 3 big books to unravel all the storylines. Boy in the Suitcase seemed quite light and short in comparison (though still excellent).

As for Nina - yes I think perhaps she was more unhinged than she let on.

Megan | 137 comments I found this book completely gripping. I read it the day I got it. I probably need to read it again, because I was so hooked on finding out what happened, I raced through it a bit!
I found Nina irritating, if I am completely honest. I don't think that makes the book any less good. In fact, if a main character irritates you, and you keep reading, then there must be something good going on somewhere in the book!
I think the really clever part about this book is the plot line. There are so many unexpected twists and turns, and it is so tautly pulled together the tension practically emanates. I agree with everyone who has said that it would translate well to film.
My favourite character in this book is Sigita - simple, strong, determined...she was the true motherforce.

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1479 comments Megan wrote: "In fact, if a main character irritates you, and you keep reading, then there must be something good going on somewhere in the book"

That's a really good point, Megan. Yes, there was another book I read recently and I got thoroughly annoyed with the main character and felt like giving up on him, but I really wanted to know what happened so read to the end!
I've just had a look and see I gave it 4 stars, so my overall impression was really good - I hardly wrote more than a couple of sentences for the review, though, and didn't mention anything about annoyance. Funny that that's my chief recollection now.

message 26: by Sharlene (new) - added it

Sharlene (sharlenehuriwai) | 584 comments Mod
Starting this on my roadtrip down to Putaruru this arvo. Bit late for the group read but it sounds good. Poor boy being stuffed inside a locker, let alone in the suitcase!

message 27: by Sharlene (new) - added it

Sharlene (sharlenehuriwai) | 584 comments Mod
Didn't get to start it on the roadtrip because it was dark on the drive but I have the book out again & will attempt to read it while I have time off this week.

message 28: by Sharlene (new) - added it

Sharlene (sharlenehuriwai) | 584 comments Mod
It's taking me forever to finish this one. I just want to get out of the sadness already. A child being snatched from his mother...

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