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The Big Wait Delivers.. Nothing

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Ryan Since The Fine Art of Truth or Dare was added to goodreads i was immediately hooked, and then i got the book and finished it.. I was really disappointed with it to be honest.. Mel didn't deliver with the books ive read from her (i hoped this one would but NO) and i felt that this was a let down considering the time the fans of this book had to wait.

What's your thoughts, i'd like to know?

Ryan Tabitha wrote: "I was pretty disappointed with this book. I think it was because I had such high expectations for it. The whole Edward Willing thing was annoying me throughout the whole book."

ikr the Edward Willing stuff annoyed me especially when she was like talking to him even tho he was dead

Ryan Eileen wrote: "I felt that the end of this book was such a letdown because I thought Edward was a real person at first, and then I realized she was just talking to her imaginary version of her. I didn't really ge..."

Yes tht would have been ideal, Mel didnt really develop the romance between Alex and Ella (which was supposed to be waht is was about. Wasn't it?) her obsession with Edward was weird and didnt really tie into the story i thought it was kinda forced.

Sailaja Am I the only one that's still wondering how Daniel fit into the story?

Ryan Tabitha wrote: "Sailaja wrote: "Am I the only one that's still wondering how Daniel fit into the story?"

I know right?! I was hoping for more or at least an explanation for his character."


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