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Kimberly So all throughout this book she finds black feathers in her bedroom after she feels as though she is floating. She automatically assumes the feathers are Asher's because he admitted he's been in her room before, but she never actually asks him about the feathers and he never says anything about them either. Does anyone else think that those are her feathers?? (:

Melissa Martinez omg i didnt think about that! i thought they were Asher's since he told he was in her room some nights >.< but i would have though her wings would have been silver since she has both sides of the blood-white and black

Veronica I thought it was hers.

message 4: by Jen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jen Wow... I've never thought of that. Just like other readers, I immediately concluded that it was Asher's.

Well I wouldn't be shocked if it was hers. I think it's pretty obvious that the good guys in the series are the ones with black wings.

But I think it would be better if her wings aren't black or white. Just to show that she's one of a kind. :D

Kimberly Exactly! I bet her wings her black and right now in the story I doubt anyone even thinks she has wings. I hope it comes out in the next book and is a big surprise to everyone. The Resistance might be about allowing chaos into the mortal world but more importantly their about giving mortals free will and letting them chose their own paths. If either side is more for love then it would be the side with black wings and her parents picked love over everything else. Anyone else a little confused about how her mother fell in love with a member of the Resistance anyways? All of their futures are suppose to be completely planned out for them. How did the council not see that coming??

Bree Wow I never thought of that either but now that you mention it, it makes alot of sense! I was kinda confused on how her parents fell in love. Im sorta thinking that the council cant see nearly as much as they are letting on. The Resistance seems like the better choice to me but I do feel like they are trying to control her also, just maybe not at such a high degree. I was leaning more toward Asher, as was Skye and I was like you can trust him! But then I questioned it! Ah this is a good book if not alittle under developed but it just needs time. I really hope Skye grows into her powers and I cant wait for some of my questions to be answered!!

Katie woah, when you think about it, it could be hers. I really thought it was Asher's! OMG! what if she is meant for the Resistance?

Bree I would love for her to meant for the Resistance!! I just dont want her to be controlled. I guess she'll probably become more powerful than anyone else anyways so they cant control her.

Mandy I was thinking the same thing! :)
I am really hoping that she ends uo in the resistance.

Hailey I think devons side and the resistance are both wrong and shell b able to show asher that and together theyll put an end to the whole war thingy

Jenna Woah. I never thought of that...but I think they were asher's. But watch them be hers just to prove me wrong.

message 12: by Kari (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kari That's a great theory, and would be a cool twist! But if Asher was watching her all the time, was he watching her "fly" in her sleep, just to make sure she never got hurt?! I kinda like the idea that they're from a mystery person we'll meet in the next book

Shelten If her wings were black and white it would show that shes both the order and resistence

Raheena But she can't be both that would create a new kind of breed and I think neither the resistance or order would like that...probably end up murdering her....who do you think she's meant to be with asher or devon???

Jenna If her wings were black and white she would look like a dalmation, skunk, or Cruella de Ville.

Stefanie Jennings i love Asher and i really hope she does end up choosing the Resistence. And i think the feather was hers

Alejandra I liked Asher from the start Devin is just too serious and is a frekkin puppet with no sense of individuality. I wanted to sock him so bad!I So yeah Asher all the way:)

Raine Herondale XD! I just really love Asher:)
Yeah, I do think the feather really was hers:)

Shelten Jenna wrote: "If her wings were black and white she would look like a dalmation, skunk, or Cruella de Ville."

If her wings were black at the bottom and white on the top then she wouldnt look like a skunk or dalamation (By the way, dalamtions have spots and skunks have a streak of white on their back and tail)

Annie Could be. I considered that but who knows? Maybe we will eventually find out.

Jazzabella ~*~ Catherine~*~ Interesting theory but i would like to think that they are from someone else that will be revealed... maybe she has a long lost half brother or sister from before her parents fell in love??

Alexandria Sides I thought they where Asher's, but after I think about it I think their her's.

message 23: by Vee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Vee IM TEAM ASHER ALL THE WAY!!!<3 sexy bad boy!!yum!!(;
&& you guys should join the goup "a beautiful dark (Team Asher or Team Devon"!!

YA Book Bum Daaaaamn it :(

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