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the sword dancer series:the books which changed my life

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77sparrow77 I came across this book series by Jennifer Roberson when i was around 14-16 years old. It made a huge impact on me. I began to root for Del, who inspired me to create stronger female heroines. It has still effected me today by urging to me write stories about powerful female characters. I loved writing about women triumphing over hardships just like Del did. I especially loved it when Tiger got his butt handed to him by Del at least once, only because he asked for it.
Now before you accuse me of being a man-hater, I do love men. I would explain why I love men, but I am not sure how the Goodreads website would like it. since I don't want to get in trouble, so I'll leave it at that.
The book series itself is rather enjoyable. Although I have read only up to the 4th book, I have just learned about the last two books. For me, that is enough.

M.L. Chesley Oh, I absolutely agree! I loved this series so much! I love reading it over and over. This is what inspired me to write strong female characters as well. Who knew they could kick so much butt? XD I love Jennifer Roberson's style. Of all of her books, these still hold a very special place in my heart.

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Tam Linsey Not only does Roberson write kick-butt characters, she writes them realistically. I love Dell because her psychological "wounds" are real, her reasons for becoming other than a typical woman are real. And Tiger helps her heal without weakening her. Roberson knows how to write characters and tension. I loved her Cheysuli series, as well.

Catskill Julie I wish I had, or rather could have, read them at that age. Might have "come into my own" a little earlier in life. I would definitely give them to a teen girl with a good imagination.

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