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What is your favorite character and why?

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message 1: by Kendra (last edited Feb 22, 2012 07:00AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kendra I want to know who your favorite character is. My fav. character is Minny. I love how she stands up for herself when she knows she can be beat or even killed. And she is like me I'm sarcastic, and sometimes at the wrong time.

Gabrielle Schiffler I love MINNY!!! SHe is totally hilarious!

Joyce Hughes My favorite character is Skeeter. She tries to make a difference.

Liza Minny, definitely. When she's thinking to herself all the stuff she really wants to say, but she kind of stops, please notice the "kind of", I can't help but adore her!

Julianna I really loved Mae Mobley!! I fell in love with that baby in the very beginning! I also really love how much Aibilene cared for her and loved her like her own child. (SPOILER) And I cried when she left her at the end!

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles skeeter. her and i have a lot in common and she is funny

Marti I think a real strength of this book, among its many strengths, is its characters. They're all so alive and real. I will never see the movie because I have my own images of these wonderful characters. As to favorites, I truly loved Minny, Skeeter, and Aibilene just about equally. I grew up in the South in the 50s and 60s and saw myself as well as people I knew in many of these characters. Perhaps that's one reason why I related to them on such a personal level, but the real reason may just be that this was an extraordinarily well-written book.

Casey So far my favorite character is Celia. I am drawn to the characters that don't show who they are right away in a book. And her relationship with Minny is hilarious. It's about the only time I like to read about Minny. I tend to attach myself to one character in a book and this one seems to be Celia. I think I continue reading it just so I can get to her part of the book to find out what is happening to her next.

Maura Mccormick I have to agree with the choice of Celia. I like how she is actually sweet inside, and how she wanted to eat with Minny and didn't care about the color of her skin.

message 10: by Iv (new) - rated it 5 stars

Iv Skeeter!

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I can't decide between Minny and Skeeter!!

Olivia Minny:)

Olivia Why Hilly? I hated her.

aPriL does feral sometimes Skeeter, for sure, although every character was very interesting, and I pick Skeeter cuz I had to pick one, but there are several characters that I loved.

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My favorite character is Abillene (not sure if spelled right). I loved reading her part of the story. I didn't like to read Skeeter's point of view (surprisingly).

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved Celia!!!

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles Olivia wrote: "Why Hilly? I hated her."

she can be a nice person if she changed a little

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

I wish Hilly would've had a change of attitude towards the end of the book.

Naseem Saleh I loved Celia, but I had to give credit to Aibileen, she was truly powerful, and she had a nice tone to her, in the beginning she was very shy, and silent but fragile, but then I just loved her at the climax, and down to the resolution :) She was truly AMAZING!

Danielle Aibileen made me cry and reminded me of my own nanny, but my favorite character in this book is Skeeter. She's the only one brave enough to make a difference (after all, she's the one who comes up with the idea for the book and has guts to write it and has to convince Aibileen and Minny), and she contradicts women's role in the 60's, specially a southern belle. Plus, she and I have so much in common. We're both journalists, we both have crooked noses, and our mothers both push us to having dates or going out.
She's also my favorite in the sense that she doesn't want to be married, settle down in Missippi, have kids, and play cards for the rest of her life like her friends.

message 23: by MJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

MJ Being a white girl raised in the south with "help" at home, I can relate to Skeeter and her desire and battle to make a difference and possibly force change.

message 24: by brooke1994 (new)

brooke1994 Skeeter, because she takes action with her book.

Nicole It's tough to say. The relationship between Celia and Minny is my favorite in the book. But I also love Aibileen. She was just so strong and had been through so much. She was a good friend to Minny also. And I love her for being the first one to help Skeeter, and realize how important it was to tell her story. And for helping to convince the others to help as well. I love the way she loves the babies that she takes care of. And the little things, like how she was uncomfortable telling her story out loud first, and wrote it down herself. Things like that. I just really love all the characters. I don't like Hilly, but you have to have a villain, and the book wouldn't have been what it was without her. Skeeter was a good person for standing up for what's right, for going against her friends and what they believed. Such a great book though.

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