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message 1: by Frank (new)

Frank (franklekens) | 22 comments It seems very obvious to me that these two books are the same. But I can't combine them. Although "The New Yorker" is listed as author for both, the second doesn't turn up in the list when I click "combine".

The correct title of the book, by the way, is "Stories from...", not "Short stories from...". (I have a copy in my hand as I type this.) The two previous volumes (1925-1940 and 1940-1950) *were* called Short Stories, this one wasn't.

Can someone else merge or combine them?

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 2443 comments Fixed.

One of the versions had an extra space between New and Yorker

message 3: by Frank (new)

Frank (franklekens) | 22 comments Oh, I should have seen that. Thanks.

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