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Strike: The Hero From The Sky
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message 1: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Wood | 16 comments Hi everyone,

I'm so happy to have found this group! I'd love to offer some free ebook copies of my young adult fantasy novel STRIKE: THE HERO FROM THE SKY in exchange for reviews posted here on Goodreads and on Amazon.

The easiest way for me is to "gift" the book through Amazon, but I am also working on formatting the book in epub format, too. If you would like a copy in exchange for a review, message me! Looking forward to hopefully getting some new reviews!

Here's the description from the back of the book:

Tobin Lloyd's life is perfect: he's a senior at Bridgton High, he's one of the funniest kids in school, and his only worry is whether or not his latest prank is going to result in yet another detention.

But when he wakes up in the world of Capricious, a place where superheroes are real and attacks by super-villains are just another hassle of living in the city, all of that changes. Suddenly, Tobin's last year of high school is not going as he expected.

Far from home and pretty sure he's gone insane, Tobin must join a strange group of companions (including a beer-drinking dog and a genius, three-foot-tall robot) as he desperately tries to find a way back to Earth. However, that may be even harder than Tobin knows: a mysterious super-villain named Vincent Harris has big plans for the planet Earth…and Tobin is the only person standing in his way.

A carefree, C-student class clown is the world's last hope? Yikes.

Brooklynn N.  Gibbs | 33 comments I would love to review this for you, but the only problem is I cant read e-books anymore. My tablet broke, so I can only read paper books.

message 3: by Sam (new)

Sam (draaks) | 45 comments I would love to read and review this book. Let me know your e-mail address so that I can mark it approved through amazon.

Thanks Sam

message 4: by Kerri (new)

Kerri (skyjazz) | 1 comments Hi Charlie
I would like to read and review your book. It sounds very interesting. My email is
Thanks Kerri :o)

message 5: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Wood | 16 comments Just wanted to let everyone know STRIKE: THE HERO FROM THE SKY is now available as a free PDF!

You can download it here:

Or just post here or message me for a copy!

message 6: by Yuiko (new)

Yuiko | 33 comments I would like to review but sadly i only read paper back :(

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