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02/12: Ready Player One > IOI Industries uses underhanded tactics in an attempt to win the Easter Egg hunt. How does the way they abuse power differ from the way OASIS co-creator Ogden Morrow uses his unlimited control? Why is one seen as villainous while the other is celebrated?

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Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod
I don't understand why Ogden is so celebrated and allowed to roam free unchecked with unlimited power. Hiding in supposedly "secure" chat rooms and eavesdropping on teenage conversations? He's CREEPY.

When Wade and the gang find out he's spying on them why aren't they all like "Stop IOIing us, buttface!" Instead they're all like, OMG! Ogden! You can do no wrong!

Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod
Essentially good, except when comitting rape? Yup, I could see that being either Assange or Morrow! :)

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