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message 1: by Elaine (new)

Elaine (hottoddie) Is anyone giving things up for Lent this year? If so what? I have put a lot of thought into this in the last couple of years and feel its for more important to do something to get closer to God than to give up something. More prayer, meditation, spiritual reading may not be as noticible as giving up alchohol but they do make our relation with God closer and more intimate. In the past I have given up things that I felt had too much hold on me like facebook, alchohol, chocolate. This year I'm giving up moaning[yes really :) and saying anything nasty about anyone . I know I may not be 100% successful but I hope it will help to put a guard on my tongue that will last after the Lent season

message 2: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. Hi Elaine. I tried giving up coffee one was disastrous! My kids were little and up at the crack of dawn and having mom without coffee was not good...I gave up :D.

I like your wanting to guard your tongue idea! My friend's sister sang a hymn every time she wanted to say something bad about someone...She sang a lot, Lol!

I gave up facebook last year. I found that very freeing. So I decided to do that again. I also am thinking of fasting breakfast or lunch once a week. I would like to try doing it on Fridays.

message 3: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. We are approaching Lent. I am trying to prepare for a good soul searching season. Anyone in the group doing anything special this season that they would like to share? Sometimes our ideas can encourage others in their faith journey.

Tim and Victoria Cronin | 1 comments See the book Mercy in the City, the author tried to do all the corporal works of mercy for lent. A good app is the CRS Rice Bowl app. It ties giving up treats to a direct donation for those in need

message 5: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. Thanks Tim and Victoria! That sounds like a good book. I'll have to look it up now. Also the CRS rice bowl is a good idea too. My youngest daughter does that app.

message 6: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Just bought Mercy in the City! Thank you for the suggestion.

message 8: by Karen L. (last edited Mar 08, 2014 04:44PM) (new)

Karen L. During this Lent I have given up sweets (I always do this each lent, Lol!) and added to my daily routine time to meditate on our Lord's sacrifices during His time on earth. As I live in a comfy home, the Son of Man had no place to lay down His head. He had to trust God daily for His bread. He felt loneliness in the Garden. He felt pain on the cross...I could go on and on. These things have been helpful to me as I meditate on them.

message 9: by Skylar (new)

Skylar Burris (skylarburris) | 134 comments I traditionally give up alcohol. The book sounds interesting.

message 10: by Charity (new)

Charity Hi all..I gave up pork, and alcohol .. Wait I'm in Indonesia where that's a given, I added
More prayer.

message 11: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. Charity wrote: "Hi all..I gave up pork, and alcohol .. Wait I'm in Indonesia where that's a given, I added
More prayer."

Charity, :) I know what you mean. I like the idea of also adding stuff like more prayer during Lent.

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