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Compare and Contrast

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Sandra A Dear Ms.Rincon,
The book I am curently reading is called L8r,g8r, by Miracle. The three charactrs main struggle is that they have an arch enemy they have to get back at. Just like l8r.g8r, Zoe and Amir don't have a good relationship with their parents; zoe and Amir don't help their friends when their friends are in need; but in l8r,g8r they all are really close to one another.
Zoe and Amir both really don't have a close relationship with their parents because their parents are always trying to be incontrol. For example, Zoe's mom really wants Zoe to go to Her mom's college choice. Amir's father, Baba, still thinks Amir is a child and can't make decisions on his own. Their similarities draw them together because they both don't have much of a moral support. Another similiraty they have is that they both don't stand up for their bestfriend's. For example, Zoe doesn't stand up for Maddie when Jana posted the naked picture of Maddie online. Amir also didn't stand up for Hassan when Hassan got rapped. This also brings them together because they both aren't really good friends.
Amir and Zoe have some similarities and these two are some of those. This is a good way to analize your books because you get too see how people relate from all over the world.

Rima hey i really like what you have here. it helps since i'm doing j=kite runner for a-levels! so thank you. i'll be sure to check out this book. u shud also read heroes -american literature- its about francis who doesn't do anything when he knows his girlfriend is getting raped coz the man he sees as his role model told him to leave them alone and he obeys. it's by robert cormier.

Sandra A Thanks I'll be sure to check it out!

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