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Dimitri or Adrian

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Danielle Who is your fav? btw this isn't a team thing it simply is who you like better!

Marisa Dimitri is my favorite. :)

Danielle I love that Dimitri is an awesome fighter but i also like adrian's layed back attidud! OH I LIKE THEM BOTH ALSO BECAUSE THEY ARE SOO FUNNY! ERR I CAN'T CHOOSE WHICH ONE I LIKE MORE!

Butchered Barbie D: Hard one...
Ummm...Dimitri. I've known him longer than I've known Adrian. Adrian comes off to me as a sexy beast but a player. Dimitri would stick by your side no matter what even if he didn't want the relationship to happen.

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Allison umm no computition . . .definitly Dimitri. Adrian is spoiled and thinks hes always the victum and thinks all bad things happen to him. He lazy, a drunk, completly self abdorbed, isnt going anywhere in life, and coned a girl into dating him. he is not ok.

Dimitri on the other hand is smart, sexy, funny, everything a woman needs in a man and he isnt afraid to fight for you.

Absolutly no computution anywhere here.

Cmkage It took me a while to warm up to Dimitri (ironically, just as I had decided I liked him after all, the end of book three happened). Adrian, on the other hand, I liked from the start. He is one of my favorite characters in the books and I'm so glad his story is continued in Bloodlines.

Chantelle Dimitri!!!

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AJ I love them both! How about this - Dimitri for Rose, Adrian for me ;)

Brittany I love them both but I love Dimitri a little bit more. I like a man who's badass XD

Danielle Brittany wrote: "I love them both but I love Dimitri a little bit more. I like a man who's badass XD"

agreed..i like them both for differenat reasons..Dimitri cuz he totally bad ass and Rose and him are perfect and Adrian with his laid back happy go lucky attitude..but he can be fierce at times to

Samia Ruponti Umm.....can I have both??? :P

I am totally for Dimitri! I like a steady guy who knows how to take action,not like Adrian. Adrian is too laid back, But I love him too!

Plus, the antisocial thing totally works for me!! :p

Black Queen team dimitri

Veronica DIMITRI

violet I always loved Dimitri and always will. Besides when Rose met Adrian at the ski resort for the first time I knew He was going to be trouble and get in the way of Rose and Dimitri's relationship... so yeah pretty much HATE Adrian. ;)

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