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I wouldn't want this turned into a movie

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MizziQ *agrees* It's just so much like a dream that to put it into play would be such an undertaking. And since this is so dreamlike it would be hit or miss whether it fit with the readers view of things. Though I'm pretty confident it's staying book format. I don't think it would work and I hope the people "up there" are smart enough to realize it.

MizziQ It's like all shadows and experiences.

Cmkage There is no way this could be made into a movie. There are no footnotes in movies...

Rosemary*1D Stole My Heart* I think that they ARE possibly making a movie right now although I'm not super sure

Carmon I think they could pull it off if they got the right actors and director but it would need a LOT of thought and effort. If they did manage to pull it off it would be a very uniquely styled piece of film and should be quite interesting. And even if it's nothing like the books it could still be good movie.

Peter id like to see a movie made just to see who they get to voice bartimaeus

 Bella Marie with the right actors director and crew any book can be excellent.

Citra If only they hire Johnny Depp as Barty, else I wouldn't care either.

Rodney Wilder I actually think it could be captured in film quite well. I've always pictured the Bartimaeus Trilogy looking, atmospherically anyway, a lot like the latter half of the Harry Potter films. I actually was pulling for that director to pick Bartimaeus up...dream project, I know.

If the movie was done thoughtfully, by someone who knew and truly explored the book series, I think the movie could be done and be a massive success. Of course, in the wrong hands it could be a all depends on who's at the helm.

As far as the footnotes go though, I can picture it now and I would love it. Granted, not all of them would be included, but were they to just pause the movie in the mid of action, and do a bit of voice-over, it'd be hilarious, because that's exactly how it feels when reading. Just an idea anyway.

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Max It would be good

Andrea Tomé It would be difficult but I'd love to see Bartimaeus converted into a film. It is one of the funniest books I've ever seen and its action and adventures are terrific. I'm sure a movie of Samarkanda (and so on) would be a total success.

Neeta Karnik Rosemary*1D Stole My Heart* wrote: "I think that they ARE possibly making a movie right now although I'm not super sure"

wow!! really??

Neeta Karnik Kaylee wrote: "I think Bartimaeus will have to be digitally created since he changes form so often. Although I think he should johnny depp's voice"

me too!! Although Johnny Depp would be the most predictable option.. never the less!!

Justin This would make a great show... The humor and the sarcasm are great!

Neeta Karnik Michaela wrote: "...unless they took a TON of time and thought on it like the they did with LOTR, because this book seems like it would be SO difficult to put in visual movie form lol... what do you think?"
so true.. I wonder how they will show Bartimaeus' form in the other realm..

Neeta Karnik Areeba wrote: "They would have to stay true to the book but I think a movie would be cool just to see how it looks visually.

As for the cast, I just want them to look similar to their descriptions in the book. ..."

Perhaps they can do a voice over whenever Ptolemys form comes forth.

Elise I think they could make it into a movie, but it would be very different from the book and people would have to be able to accept that. Part of the charm of the book is reading the thoughts of the characters, especially Bartimeaus. I don't think Johnny Depp would be a good Bartimaeus though. Depp is certainly quirky, but I imagine B as someone with a lot of power under his snarky outside. It would definitely be an expensive project, so if they were to do it they should make sure they do it well.

Mitali IMO, it would be pretty difficult to turn this series into a movie/series of movies, given that the main character has no single visual form. How would you show that a particular character on the screen is supposed to be Bartimaeus, when he keeps changing form constantly?

Of course, I suppose there are some ways of getting around this difficulty, but they would involve major changes in the premises of how demons are depicted in the books. One possibility would be to minimize Bartimaeus’s changes, and allow him to change only when the plot calls for it and when it would be clear from the context which character he’s supposed to be. Another would be to give him some unchangeable physical characteristic – for example, horns – that remains unchanged even when he changes form (yeah, it’s a silly example – it’s just something off the top of my head [pun not intended!] based on how Bartimaeus is depicted on the cover art of the books).

There’s also the problem of losing Bartimaeus’s very distinctive narrative style, which is easily the most enjoyable part of the series. A good script writer and a talented voice actor could still make it work, though. I really like the idea of Johnny Depp as Bartimaeus’s voice.

On the other hand, I think the books really lend themselves visually to the film medium. I imagine the London depicted in them to be a sort of cross between a Gothic and a Steampunk world. The description of Prague in The Golem’s Eye is also great – it would be awesome to see that on film. A creative art director could make really unique movies of these books.

Priya I have mixed feelings about a Bartimaeus movie. A lot of the fun of this series comes from the narrative style (and the footnotes). But, at the same time, my inner fangirl is deliriously happy at the thought of a movie.

So, I shall bide my time and wait. If there is a movie, I will most definitely go and see it. If not, I will be most happy to dream.

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THey would ruin it like PJO!

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Ari Actually I can see this as a really great movie but I think you'd need to read the book to fully understand and love it damn all those footnotes...

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Footnotes are HILARIOUS, love Barty.

Jamieson Michaela wrote: "...unless they took a TON of time and thought on it like the they did with LOTR, because this book seems like it would be SO difficult to put in visual movie form lol... what do you think?"

Jamieson Amberheart wrote: "THey would ruin it like PJO!"


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This book needs to be a movie like LOTR! And they NEED to include footnotes, somehow, or i am not buying.

Little Miss Sunshine yeah i agree. they shouldn't make thins into a movie, it'll just destroy it. and they wouldnt get the right details in either.

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Like, I watched the second Percy Jackson movie, and like, 99% of it had nothing to do with the book. This book is the same way!

Chizzy They would do it like they did the comic, all action and throw in the key areas of wit, but no character substance. This is not a plot driven series, movies are plot driven, in the Bartimaeus sequence its the characters. In fact even the action is pretty small scale, big bangs are in, and necessary in film. Besides, I love Barti too much to see someone pretend to be him.

Deeptanshu I think it could make for a good movie however it would be somewhat difficult to adapt. Maybe they could make a mini series instead.

Deborah It would make an incredible movie, in the right hands. With all the amazing animation artists and advances in special effects nowadays, there's no reason why it couldn't be. Even some of the footnotes could be incorporated as humorous asides or thoughts. This character is so unique and fascinating, I'm sure the movie would be a major hit, with a decent director and producer.

Tessy Granger I would love to see it in a movie but I'm afraid that they are going to do something like they did with Percy Jackson :s I agree with a lot of you that say that it will be needed a GREAT director, AMAZING cast and MAGNIFICENT writers to be an acceptable adaptation from the book. Eventhough it will be a shame that the note pages won't be there -they made me laugh more than once- for a person who hasn't read the book I think will be a good movie.

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Van Bard If this was made into a movie (which I doubt, it's much too... big) I would hope someone like Peter Jackson would pick it up. Someone who will take time to make it as awesome or nearly as awesome as the books and can capture the not so portray-able scenes and concepts. I would love to have Bart narrate the film. Not constantly but sort of an off-on thing, that way we get some of his snarky footnote commentary in the mix and also have an inside look at what's going on.

Tim Burton is a good director- don't get me wrong, but I would hate if he took this on. The books don't have a Burtonesque feel to them and he wouldn't give it the depth it deserves. Plus, if Burton directed it then Johnny Depp would be a main character and that would be awful. For Bart you need someone with comedic expertise, and we don't need another "Alice in Wonderland" from Burton.

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Ton I would love Asa Butterfield to Play Nathaniel :)

Davide I'm not certain how I feel about this. I have loved the series, so having a movie adaptation sounds great at first but, on the other hand, I know that a satisfying movie would take a real effort from the production. My first thought is that, from a money-making point of view, some might see this as a new Harry-Potter-esque saga and so try to copy from those movies ending up with a sad failure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that HP movies are bad but that, despite having some common elements (magic, UK setting, YA character), the Bartimaeus Sequence has a completely different feel to it.
The thing I enjoyed most of the series is the charming personality of our main character which is especially evident in his thoughts: so this is one hell of a problem!
The other one, as some have already pointed out, is the number of forms taken by Barty. Not to talk about the other place which is basically a... not-place?

One way or another I would go watch the movie anyway... fingers crossed! :D

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Na Deela Ton wrote: "I would love Asa Butterfield to Play Nathaniel :)"

I had to look up Asa Butterfield as I had no idea who that was but it's funny he is almost exactly what I imagined Nathaniel to look like in my head!

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