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message 1: by Marissa (new)

Marissa (amayaangel7) | 5 comments Mod
New members come here and introduce yourself please and say 5 things about yourself.

my name is Marissa I'm 21 years old.

1. I'm still pure
2. I Love Rock Music and Reading
3. When i was 5 or 6 years old I beat my 20 year old male cousin in a pizza eating contest. :D (one of the proudest moments of my life...well so far... :D)
4.Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior <3
5.I draw a lot of manga/anime pix

message 2: by Ashlie (new)

Ashlie (smashlie17) Hmmmm... well I am 20 years old, and still pure. I like a HUGE variety of music, I like watching anime, Korean dramas and all kinds of movies except romance, and love to read books (mostly fantasy's), I draw and paint and do photography and a little bit of ceramics occasionally, and cake decorating. And I am a Christian.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason (jokers_knight_out) 25 and still have no shame at all about being a virgin male. In fact, I've even challenged young teens who sound like I couldn't be a man by asking "What's a real man, if you don't mind? Go ahead, humor me." From that, I have learned to challenge the status quo on what it says on anything- challenge what it says and hurt the pride, you could say.
1. I love heavy/death/goth/Scandinavian/Christian/industrial metal and dubstep/progressive trance.
2. I don't mind saying this: aside sci-fi, action/adventure, and other kinds, I do like romance movies.
3. I have an aspiration to write books ranging from epic fantasy to dark allegory, sci-fi to mystery (not always murder), end time to alternate historical, even extreme dystopian.
4. I really don't believe there's Christian fiction, otherwise, there'd also be atheist fiction, skeptic fiction, Wiccan fiction, etc.
5. I've recently begun to enjoy Stephen King books. Seeing past all the language and sex scenes (book-wise, it doesn't bother me since I can skip over it in my mind- psychological trick I taught myself), I can see deep spiritual insights about the world. Same with James Rollins and Steve Alten.

message 4: by Carissa (new)

Carissa I am a 24 year old college student who will admit without shame that she is still a virgin and will be till she is married. I am working towards a degree in Criminal Justice.

I am a Christian who has been Saved through God's Grace. I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

I enjoy reading just about anything. My favorite music includes country, Christian, some pop and classic rock

message 5: by Jojo (new)

Jojo (jojothemasterofrandomness) | 6 comments well, it looks like I'm the youngest so far, my name is Johanna, I'm 14 years old, Catholic and live in wisconsin (go pack go!!!)
1. I really like to read, Manga, YA, and I'm trying to read more classical literature, and sometimes I write stories then rip them up later.
2. I like pretty much all music except country, and mabye a few others but I mostly listen to pop, oldies, and some rock
3. I can be extremely crazy/random/and just flat out odd, as some of my friends can tell you.
4. I'm terrible at spelling.
5. and I think gay/goth/emo guys are really hot, (but I'm still pure)

message 6: by Yolonda (new)

Yolonda Bailey | 3 comments Hello my name is Yolonda, I love the Lord, I'm 33, a virgin, a published author/poet, college graduate and I teach Kindergarten.

message 7: by Micaela (new)

Micaela Semien | 2 comments Hello, my name is Micaela, I am still pure, I am 25, I enjoy a variety of music, I am a quiet person, and I enjoy a plethora of genres of books.

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