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The inside of the base is made from some kind of metal that only Dr. X knows the name to. It prevents the pressure from being so deep underwater from breaking the base and drowning everyone inside. Also, some of the walls have extremely thick glass with lights on the outside, so that anyone swimming under the water can see the lights of the base, and anyone in the base looking out can see anyone or anything that is approaching. There are dozens of rooms inside the base, but mostly, the people in the base are worried about ways to get people out of the base to them.

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Quemares Felipe walked around the base. Because he was one of the few people with guns, he was in charge of keeping people in line. Now because he was the only cop at the moment, he was in charge helping people with their problems like someone took too much food, someone is drinking too much water, someone stole this, etc... What Felipe really wanted to do is go out to search for people but he knew that Dr. X wouldn't let him, because he didn't have a partner. Felipe sat down on a chair and waited for someone to call him because someone did something.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments Drew pushed an unruly curl from out of her eye as she bent over a small survival pack. Deftly securing the straps that criss-crossed the taught, water proof bag she couldn't help but grin with the thrill of the outside- the chase. She belted the pack at her hip, drawing the band back, tight against her waist. She slung another belt over her head and shoulder so that it hung sash-like, a line from right shoulder to left hip. It fit securely over her black skin-tight shirt, holding several small pouches and loops to secure weapons and medicines. She chose a coil of thick rope, which she slid through a buckle at her shoulder, letting the line slip to the other side of her arm so she held it between her body and upper arm. Finally, Drew shoved an assortment of knifes into the diagonal belt at her chest, counting four blades in total on the sash. She turned and looked around the bustling Survival Teams room, trying to spot Luke in the crowd.

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Luke strapped the leather sheath to his favorite knife on his gear-clad arm, making sure it was too tight to fall off, but wouldn't be uncomfortable. He slid his extra knife into his belt and tightened the laces of his boots. He packed his extra food and water rations, knowing they'd need them, especially if they found someone. He also brought a few packs of matches and a pan, if they wanted actually cooked food instead of raw, which could get them all sick. He also packed a few other various things he thought they'd need, just in case. He sighed, standing up. For almost three months, he had been getting into trouble on purpose to be kicked out of the base for a day or two to fend on his own, just to learn how to survive out there with no help. He almost hadn't even gotten approved to join a Survival Team, but apparently Dr. X approved him, so he was in. He knew it wouldn't be the same, but this time, he knew he'd have help. He ran his hand through his hair nervously as he scanned the room for Drew. He'd only known her for a little while, just the time since he'd found out she'd be going with him on the Survival Team.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments Drew spotted Luke and walked over, her strides long, combat boots squeaky on the reinforced steal floor, "There he is, the golden boy himself," She raised a blond, dynamically arched eyebrow, daring him to retort, "I was starting to think I'd misplaced my little reprobate associate." She leaned nonchalantly on the wall behind her, "I'll admit, you clean up nice, and dropping the criminal act might add some bonus points." She herself was permitted to leave on grounds along the lines of, "anything to stop her from using the rations booth as target practice again." The fact of it was, she never got used to the whole friendly member of society thing. In her defense, it's hard to shake a dog-eat-dog perception. It must of been a relief to all of them to be rid of her, because her application was approved the day she submitted it. This thought was a bitter one, but it meant she'd get to go out, life a real life, not the prescribed safety of the one at the Base. "I'm not going to wait a second longer then I have to to get out of this wasteland, so we're going capital-n Now." She said, looking up at him, as his height a great deal taller then her 5'7", her eyes holding a challenging feral nature.

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Luke smiled slowly, grabbing his pack and slinging it over his shoulder. "Thanks for your concern, but I believe we're waiting on you for this operation to get rolling. Trust me, I don't want to be cramped up in here any more than you do." He glanced around to make sure that none of the officials were looking. Then he turned around to the cabinet behind him and pulled something out of his pocket. A few seconds later, the lock clicked and opened, and he quickly reached inside, pulling his hand out almost immediately and stashing whatever it was in his pocket. He had picked the lock, taken something out of the cabinet, and closed and re-locked it in such a short time that it seemed he had to have been in it before. He turned back around and checked to make sure he had everything. Then he picked up his bed roll, strapping that to his back, and looked back at Drew. "Let's go before someone notices that something's missing," he said lowly.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments "Are you planning on telling me what you took?" She made no move to leave, though her fingers danced over the wall she was reclining on, betraying her desperation to get going. She began to tug on her pack, tightening the straps without needing to look at her fingers as they moved.

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Luke glanced around to make sure no one heard her. "Outside," he muttered. "You'll see." Without looking behind him to make sure she followed (because he knew she would), he moved towards the door and checked in with the commander at the door, handing him the ID card that hung around his neck, which verified that he was part of a Survival Team. The numbers 21865 were stamped into the center of the card, and the commander checked his clipboard, then nodded and waved Luke forward. Only then did he turn around to look at Drew.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments Drew momentarily considered the stubborn option- staying until he returned and showed her, this option equipped with easy sarcasm opportunities, but her legs were already moving her in long strides that took her to the checkpoint at the door, handing the commander her card and flashing the man a grin. He read the numbers: 21866, and followed his finger along the list before nodding and checking off a spot on his well organized papers. She crossed through the threshold, unable to withhold a giddy breath of excitement. "I don't like surprises," she said as she met him on the other side, "Are you going to tell me or not?"

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Luke rolled his eyes. "Impatient, aren't you?" he asked as the floor began to rise, taking them up to the surface. A monotone woman's voice crackled through the speaker in the corner, warning them about current weather conditions, water temperatures, potential dangers, etc. Luke had heard it all in training before. "Best wait until we're clear...of the lift," he said, glancing at her out of the corner of his eyes. What he really meant was clear of the people in the base watching us right now.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments She rolled her eyes, "Watch it, dude. You don't want to get on my bad side so early on." The life stopped and her heart did a little flip. The hiss of hydraulic pumps signaled the opening of the doors and then there was the wind. Wind like nothing she had felt in more then three years. Water lapped only a foot below them, its depth further then she could see. "Show me already, or I'll have to push you in the water myself." She said, turning on him again, her small form managing to look threatening considering.

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He sighed, but reached into his bag, pulling out a cloth bundle. He unfolded it, revealing various things. A compass rested on top of what looked like a map. A few colored pens were also there, along with a vial labeled "iodine", and another two vials without labels. "I found those vials in a room in the base I probably shouldn't have found," he explained. "But I found the map and pens in that cabinet. And the compass is mine. These should all come in handy while we're out here," he said, looking around.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments Drew nodded, "Right." She paused and looked out over the great expanse of water, "You ready?" this time, the words weren't a challenge, it was more like she was asking herself. Was she ready? She shook off her thoughts. It was too much trouble to live in her head, and even more to think twice about thinks. She couldn't afford to second guess heself.

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Luke glanced around too, thinking along the same lines. "Might as well get going before they change their minds and call us back." He slipped the things back in his bag, slinging it over his shoulder again. He didn't see any wood or anything to build a raft with, so it looked like they'd have to swim. "Look," he pointed off into the distance. "It looks like the top of a building, right over there, roughly three hundred yards away. We could swim there and figure out where to go next?" He wasn't sure if she was the leader between the two of them, but he figured being in charge wouldn't be a good idea for him.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments She nodded, "Good plan. It looks high enough to get a good look at what we've got to work with." With out a second thought, she got a running start and plunged into the water. Her chest contracted as her body hit the surface. No amount of preparedness could accustom herself to the frigid depths, "Come on in, the water's great!" She yelled up to him between two gasping breaths. Drew began to swim out towards the building ahead of them. She didn't think twice about who would be calling the shots. If this boy tried to boss her around, he'd have another thing coming.

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Luke gritted his teeth in anticipation, knowing the waters would not be as warm as she let on. Pushing that thought aside, he dove in, staying underwater for a while before coming up for air a few yards away. He looked up, making sure that he was going the right way, and that Drew's head was still above water. He knew she'd never have been allowed out on a Survival Team without being able to swim, but he wasn't taking chances...especially on their first hour out of the base. He began to swim towards the base, appearing relaxed and confident with the way he maneuvered in the water. He was glad that all of his gear was strapped tight, because he didn't want to lose it already.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments Drew saw the concerned look on his face even from yards away, "Take it easy, big guy. I'm not going under just yet." She called, treading water and laughing, "Having a screwed up childhood doesn't mean I'm completely untrained in the ways of normal kids. Foster-care taught me to swim by throwing me in the Hudson River. Let me tell you, it was paddle like hell or get dragged down by all the trash." She didn't seem like she was joking, but she kept her light-hearted tone, laughing slightly and taking a few more strokes towards the building.

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Luke swam alongside her, trying to determine if she was joking or not. "That's a heck of a way for a kid to learn how to swim," he said under his breath, ducking underwater to avoid swimming into a floating tree that must have been knocked over when the floods first began to rise.

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Eve (emusings) | 229 comments "That's what I told them," Was her reply. She swam in silence for a while, reaching their destination after a couple of minuets. Drew dunked under, then pushed herself up as high as she could, getting enough leverage to lift herself out of the water with ease. She turned around and offered him a hand up.
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