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Ashlee (carsonphillips) here we go!

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) I'm good with anything really, what would you prefer we do?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) how about celebrity romance? is that okay with you?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) Sure! I prefer roleplaying guys anyway.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) sure, give me a few minutes?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) Sure, i'll talk to you tomorrow!

Name: David
Personality: He's sweet, kind, and loves to flirt, though he usually fails at it horribly. He loves all of his friends and would do anything for them.
Appearance: description
Other: N/A

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) kay, i'll talk to you then!

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) Should I start?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) Okay then!

David adjusted his sunglasses, worried that someone might recognize him. He could never get any peace around here, always having to dress up in hoodies and sunglasses in hopes to escape the paparazzi. Sighing, he leaned again the wall of a clothing store, figuring he was okay for now.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David looked around, looking at all of the people walking around the mall. He might as well get some shopping done. The boy walked into the store, looking around.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) The celebrity nodded, forcing himself to smile. "It's okay, I should have looked where I was going."

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David nodded, returning to his previous task. He ended up buying a t-shirt with a Superman logo on it. He quickly walked out of the store, walking around for a little bit.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David ended up at a soda machine, getting a Coke and sitting down at a bench across from the girl he bumped into earlier. He took a second to examine her. She had long black hair, and beautiful, gray eyes. The girl was attractive, he thought, anyone who has her must be lucky.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David quickly looked down, thankful for his sunglasses. He opened his bottle of coke and took a sip, pretending to be busy.

((i'm going to go to sleep, i'll reply tomorrow.))

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David got up, quickly walking over to the girl and holding out a hand. "Are you okay?" he asked, pulling her up.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David nodded, "No problem." He looked at the girl for a second before asking, "What's your name?"

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David hesitated for a second before replying, "Zack." He smiled politely before gaining confidence and smirking. "So, do you come here often?"

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) 'Zack' nodded, "What do you do, then?" he asked, folding his arms across his chest.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) (( sorry for the late reply! ))

David nodded, shoving a hand into his pocket.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) "So, would you like to get some coffee? There's a Starbucks right over there."

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David nodded, walking over to the cafe. "What's your order?"

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David shook his head, "Oh no, no, no, missy. I'm paying for this." He took out his wallet, pulling out some cash.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Do you want it to be?" He walked up to the cashier, ordering the double chocolate chip and a mocha.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) "That's what dates are for, getting to know each other," David countered, taking a seat at a table.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) "So, whats a pretty lady like you doing here with a guy like me?"

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David laughed, sitting up in his seat. "I like you."

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David smiled, resting his hand on his hand. "So, tell me about yourself."

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) "Come on, there has to be something!" David insisted, taking a sip of his mocha. "Well, for starters, how old are you?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) "Same here." David smiled. "What do you like to do in your free time?"

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) "Please, I'm sure you're great!" David said, leaning back in his chair.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) "Well, I do have a soft spot for musicals." David said, sitting back up.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) (( i just saw Love Never Dies, so yeah, making my charrie love musicals and broadway because i can))

"Really? Awesome!" David smiled.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David took a sip of his mocha, finishing it off and looking at his watch. "It was great talking to you, but I gotta go. Could I have your number?"

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David grabbed his phone, sending a quick text to Alice before saving her number. "There you go." He smiled, getting up and leaving the cafe.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) (( would you like to ff? ))

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) (( sure! ))

David sat down at a bench, sighing. They were filming a new movie he was starring in, and it was exhausting. He had a few minutes to do whatever he pleased as the other cast members filmed a scene, so he took out his phone and texted Alice.
hey, whats up??

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) at work, on a break. David put his phone in his pocket and took out his script to read while he waited for a reply.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David took out his phone and sent a reply before heading back to set, figuring they would be done soon. no, no. not at all! anyway, breaks over, ugh. talk to you later?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) (( ffing again yaaaayyy cheers ))

David fell onto his couch, cuddling into a pillow before pulling out his phone and texting April. you still there?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David looked at his clock, sighing when he saw that it was 12 am. i don't blame you, its late.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) ah, i hope tomorrows better. :(

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) its nothing. so... do you have any plans later today?? ;)

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) would you like to hang out?? i get off work early so i don't have much to do

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) great! wanna go grab a bite at 6?

message 45: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (carsonphillips) at the starbucks we went to the other day?

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) sounds like a plan! David smiled, turning off his phone and heading to bed.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) It was 5:40, and David was putting on his sunglasses and covering his head with a black Fedora. He jogged outside, getting into his chair and driving to the mall.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) (( i shouldn't RP when i'm tired omg, once i forgot how to spell hour and said 'hhero' instead))

David walked to the coffee shop, ordering the double chocolate chip and mocha.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) yeah omg ))

David looked around, spotting Alice. He waved her over, smiling as he handed her her drink.

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Ashlee (carsonphillips) David raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Mhmm," He nodded.

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