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Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) I know there are a number of our members who have romance blogs or write for a romance site. If you write an audio review that is published on your blog/site, why don't you share the link with us? I know of at least two in our group who have blogs exclusive to audiobooks. It will be fun visiting each other's blogs.

Let's limit this to romance in the beginning and see what sort of response we have.

I'd like to start with posting a link to Kaetrin's blog, Kaetrin's Musings. She recently reviewed Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue by Stephanie Laurens. It's quite an enjoyable rant. Although I imagine she will post it on her Goodreads shelf, her blog is one I stop by on a regular basis. Kaetrin lives in Australia. I love how far-reaching our community is!

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Lea Hensley and Brenda Lee (both co-moderators of Goodreads Romance Audiobooks) and Melinda Parmer launch their new site today - AudioGals! The gals are talking all things romance audio.

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Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Wow! I'm so behind on goodreads and reading new books... but I'll be definitely checking this out! Nice job!

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Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Was reviewing blog a bit and read some of your "gal tech". Would comment on article for tagging but didn't see it as option (maybe it's the fact I'm up way too late). Anyway Brenda, I was going to comment that you CAN created multiple libraries with iTunes. I keep my audiobooks totally separate from my music library so I tag all my genre with book specific ones (thriller, romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, etc.) To do this, when you click icon to bring up iTunes, press shift key and you should get prompted to choose iTunes library to open or to create a new iTunes library. I realize this is more ADVANCE tech but... it is an option. ;) Now I should crash so doing software work tomorrow isn't too advance-tech for me! :P

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