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Would you want a sequel?
Patti Patti Feb 18, 2012 09:17PM
I think Stephanie should write a sequel to this book. I want to know more of what happens to the bands of humans hiding out in the desert.

she is making a sequel. its called The Soul

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This book was a great one and I really loved it. I can only hope the sequel will rise up to the expectations. I would really, really hate it to ruin the beautiful first book...

I can't wait for the sequel. I loved this book. I wonder if there would be others, because I felt the ending was left open for it.

After I finished reading the book, I hoped there wouldn't be a sequel or a movie based on the book cause that will ruin the whole uniqueness of the plot and the storyline as well as the characters. But then again, I'm starting to miss the characters and the whole parasite alien idea thing. I want to know what happens next. Will it be good or bad? I see in the first book, it's more like an introduction of the characters and what is going in the world that time. So, a second book would be nice :)

Patti wrote: "I think Stephanie should write a sequel to this book. I want to know more of what happens to the bands of humans hiding out in the desert."

hell yes!! i need it. even though it may seem long and tedious, the journey is a-m-azing. it's made me appreciate books in settings other than a typical highschool. please hurry and write the seeker and the soul meyer!

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Happy to hear there will be a sequel. I was surprised by how much I liked this book.

I think that this book has the potential to be even better than the Twilight series - perhaps not so "big" but I think the plot is much more unusual and inventive, especially now that Vampire novels appear to be everywhere!

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I love this book so much I dont want a sequal to ruin it!

The host is one of my favorites books ever. And if I'm correct it's suppose to be a trilogy too. The host, The Soul and The seeker.

I am happy she is making a sequel, but I can't help but feel trepidatious about it. I hope it does the first book justice, and doesn't mess anything up.

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when is it coming out?

I definitely want a sequel because the first book was so awesome! I just hope that the sequel will not ruin The Host :)

This book was SO much better than the Twilight series. I wonder how a sequal would happen, however, as it seems everything was resolved at the end of the Host? But if she can make it a good one, then I am all for it!!

YES!!! i hope its good!

This book would still have been a good book if it had been the only book in the series...
..i wouldn't want it to become to OTT like Twilight did...i mean the first book is like nothing compared to the fourth one...

it would be great to have a sequel, I really want to know more about Ian and Wanda together. will the humans get their world back? but if there really will be a sequel it has to be just as good as the first one.

I really hope there's a sequal to this book! I fell in love with the characters while on a trip to Spain, and I would be so siked if she wrote a second book.

Just read here that The Host has a sequel. Excellent! Can't wait!

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