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Have you read this series?

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Fallon Farmer So Far I have read this series to the 6th book. I really like it so far. I'm just wondering how many others have read it and what you think about the series & who do you like best Catlin and Caleb or Catlin and Blake? Thanx! :)

Rebecca It kind of fizzled out for me after the 4th book. You are still enjoying it? I am reading the 5th but just can't get through it.

Ms. Twilight Twilight i started it but couldn't finish i was mad when she accidently killed caleb and its irritating that she can't decide on much and going back in time...naw not for me

Fallon Farmer yeah I have read them all! I think that one thing that intrigues me is that I want to find out what happens when or if she finds her father.I'm now waiting on book 8 to come out! i'm looking forward to finding out! :)

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Kirsty Bicknell I am just reading the series at the moment . . I have just finished the 2nd book . . .think its predictable and definitely not the best vampire series I've read but there's something about it which means I'm just about to start book three . . . .I think Caleb could be stronger as a character, for someone who has been a spy/warrior for 200 years and Caitlin is . . . . .I guess I'm still making my mind up about that!! . . . When I downloaded the next few books on my Kindle and read that they were going to start messing with time I did think "what?" so we'll see if I continue . . .

Crystal Simpson I read book one and I didn't connect with the characters so I haven't wanted to read anymore of the series.

Carolyn I have read it and I didn't like it. Not a good book. So I sold the book. Sorry but no more of that series. IT was terrible.
Thats my opinion. Glad that some f you guys like it. ^.^

Ms. Twilight Twilight I was almost at the end but when the girl went back in time to save someone I put the book down.


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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ It was good book, but it is ridiculous how many mistakes are in it. The writer had repetitively said starting instead of staring. She had also said things like: Caleb and Caleb walked down the narrow path, or whatever. It's suppose to be Caitlin and Caleb walked down the narrow path. That wasn't an exact sentence from the book but, she said two of the same name like that on more then one occasion. There was many more mistakes that I haven't mentioned and probably a lot that I didn't see, I'm not exactly great at grammar. I don't have to be good at grammar to see a lot of the mistakes in this book though.

I also hated how the brother Sam, talked like a fucking freak, I mean seriously I would have killed him myself he was so annoying. He said "Like" way to many times when he spoke. It got really fucking annoying. I really hated it. It was really stupid and pointless to have Sam, the brother, talk like that. Half the time when I was reading the parts when Sam spoke, I wanted to pull my hair out. It was crazy, annoying and down right stupid.

I hated how Caitlin kept on thinking that Caleb was going to leave her. It got kind of annoying I mean seriously, if he was going to leave he would have left already. Not to mention that Caleb had repetitively said that he cared a lot about her. So it was weird that Caitlin kept on thinking that Caleb was just going to be like "So, I guess your useless to me now and I'm leaving." Well I don't think she thought he would actually say it that way, but she might as well have.

Cassandra Lemoine I really liked this series. I liked Caitlin with Caleb!

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