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If you had a chance to pick 5 dæmon forms which would they be?
Christine Rockz :D Christine Feb 18, 2012 07:28PM
I would Pick Lyra's dæmon as my main. The others would be a bird, a dog, a wild cat, and a butterfly.

I would pick:
a dalmatian
an owl
an Ice bird
a cameleon and a nithingale.

1. Polar bear
2. Blue whale
3. Horse
4. Falcon
5. Mouse

1- White wolf.
2- Black Wolf
3- Panther
4- White Tiger
5- White Lion

1. Tiger
2. Falcon
3. Siamese Cat
4. Raven
5. Ferret

deleted member (last edited Jun 30, 2012 02:11PM ) Jun 30, 2012 01:59PM   0 votes
Hold tight because I'm going to be specific with my animals!

1.Boston Terrier (Cute, intelligent and a very reliable and comforting breed)

2.Least weasel (Lethal, small, flexible and carnivorous)

3.Laniarius (Beautiful, yet sleek and quiet)

4.Snowy Owl (Dangerous, cute and a little scary)

5.Black-backed jackal (Cute when calm, terrifying when not)


Peregrine Falcon
Polar Bear
Komodo Dragon
Great White Shark

1) Jaguar
2) Snowy Leapord
3) Fox

Those are my top three and I cant thing of any more that I would choose! I would love to have a dæmon though!

1. Dragon
2. Falcon
3. Eagle
4. White wolf
5. Horse (fresian, clydesdale)

I would choose:

Amakua = lizard

2)Snow leopard
3)Peregrine falcon
4)Sea otter
5)Monkey, preferably a small type

deleted member Feb 20, 2012 12:28PM   0 votes
Miniature/puppy-sized elephant
Mini panda
Mexican Milk Snake

ermine, falcon, dalmatian, fox, sparrow

My main would be a feline for sure, not sure which one.
And at least another two would be felines too, may be three different sized, to fit all occasion :-)
Another would be a bird, because.. hey flying is awesome.
And finally on should be a powerful form, may be a bear :-)

Hmmmmm. That's really hard I'd love to have my own dæmon though since they reflect your personality and, in Lyra's case, keep you morally strait.
White tiger
White wolf
Some sort of domestic cat
A really cute puppy
Flacon, eagle, or hawk
In no particular order

A dove

For the birds, they are really flexible and not so easy to attack.As for the horse, I love its gracefulness.

Black Panther
Polar Bear

deleted member Mar 01, 2012 07:55AM   0 votes
1) Ferret
2) Falcon
3) Chimp
4) Leopard
5) Sugar Glider

black wolf, black wolf w/ white under belly hair, white wolf, gray wolf, crow

This is hard, since the daemon is so closely linked to a person's own personality and character. For example, I love dogs, but they're associated with servants in Lyra's world, and I wouldn't like to be restricted that way! So animals I may love and think are cute don't necessarily represent qualities that I see in myself, or would want in the physical representation of my essential spirit... So, with that in mind, I would probably want--

1)otter (though that would require me to live near water.. .and I'm not sure I'd like that kind of restriction)

2) black bear
3) raccoon
4) meerkat
5) bat

1. cat of some sort (leopard or smaller wild cat)
2. fox (Fennec, Arctic, or Red)
3. mouse
4. weasel
5. sparrow

1. Crow: Smart, funny, agile, sneaky and bad-ass.

2. Black Jackal: curious, sneaky, a bit funny and lovable.

3. Snowy Owl: scary at times, misunderstood, beautiful, elusive and smart.

4. Black Panther: protective, loyal, sleak, has brutal honesty and is leathal.

5. Parrot: cute, funny, curious, excitable, and repetitive.

I would pick a cat, a monkey, a (snowy) owl, a frog, and a moth.

1) A cat. I would pick a cat because they are nimble and fast.
2) A monkey. I would pick a monkey because they have thumbs and they can grab stuff, and they are fast, flexible, and alert.
3) A (snowy) owl. I would pick an owl, preferably snowy, so it can fly and flying is faster than running.
4) A frog. I would pick a frog, because they can jump and move quickly.
5) A moth. I would pick a moth, because.....I can. :P

Nicole (last edited Mar 09, 2012 06:57PM ) Mar 09, 2012 06:50PM   0 votes
Based off my personality:
-Monkey(silly and human like)
-Labrator Retriever(playfull and loyal)
-Elephant(protective of families)
-Dolphin(intellegent and happy)
-Wolf(clever and social)

Based off some of my favorite animals:
-Polar Bear
-Panda Bear

If I could pick more than 5:
-Snow leapord
-FOX (!!!)

I bet I'll come up with more animals later, but I can't right now.

1. Stag
2. bear
3. Mustang
4. eagle
5. Lion

1.Dire Wolf

Claire (last edited Mar 02, 2014 03:53PM ) Feb 02, 2014 11:17AM   0 votes
For general walking about and defense against ruffians: Mule Deer
For scouting ahead or if I'm in a plane: California Condor
If I'm on a boat or near a large body of water: Manta Ray
Pocket-sized form that's easy to carry and easy to hide: Hissing Cockroach
When I just need something to snuggle: A Chihuahua or some other small dog

I think I would pick:

1). Dire Wolf (because their extinct..^-^)
2). King Cobra (I love them...)
3). Cheetah (there beautiful and fast)
4). Eagle (I love their voices...)
5). Weasel (because they are just too cute..)

-Tasmanian Devil
-Black Panther

Cheetah, gorilla, wolf, rabbit, or a butterfly.

Black Cat
Black Labrador

I would pick:

Hi (last edited Mar 10, 2014 03:22PM ) Mar 10, 2014 03:20PM   0 votes
I see people poetic aquatic animals but remember guys u can't go more than a few yards from your dæmon so u couldn't leave the water
Also a lot of fighting animals, your dæmon can't touch humans, although it could fight other dæmons

1 Sphynx cat
2 Pug
3 Siamese
4 Snowy Owl
5 Hare

A fox or a wolf would be my main one, if i pick one of these two the other one would be my second one. The others are ferret, leopard and a falcon.

1. A hare - larger than a rabbit so somewhat more robust.
2. Snow Leopard.
3. Dog - a small breed, though. Like a Bichon or a Dachshund
4. Ermine. I'd be able to keep my human warm and fashionable at the same time.
5. A Cardinal. Yes, the bird.

dragon - can fly, can carry me, can make fire
dolphin - can swim, can save me if I'm drowning
monkey - can climb, can carry things
tiger - can fight off enemies, can keep me warm
lizard - can sneak around, can get into small spaces

I was thinking that I would pick :
1. Wolf
2. Black Leopard
3. Falcon
4. Mongoose
5. Monkey/Chimpanzee

Polar bear

Kiwi (for a laugh)

Love what you said about being a witch so you can separate! Sign me up for that option!

a Dire Wolf (extinct)
a snow leopard
an artic wolf
a sea mink (extinct)
a gray wolf

(i really like wolves, in case you didn't notice)
Just a side point - why would you ever want a shark or something???? You would never be able to leave the ocean.

1. Dog (is there anything better than doggy hugs?)
2. Guinea Pig (I love them!)
3. Cat (so smart)
4. Hippo (who wouldn't take you seriously when you walk into a room with your own HIPPO?!)
5. Raven (clever like the cat, and can also fly and search)

1. tiger, 2. eagle, 3. horse, 4. wolf, 5. monkey

Completely based on personal preference it would probably be.....
1- Sunda Clouded Leopard (they look cute/awesome)
2- White Wolf
3- Tree kangaroo or red panda(to keep watch on my shoulder)
4- Black Fox (for sneaking around)
5- Raven

1. Black Wolf
2. White Wolf
3. Grey Wolf
4. Red Wolf
5. White Tiger

A bat, a crow, a black cat, a spider and a mouse

a horse

1. Badger
2. European Swift
3. Sea Otter
4. Stoat
5. Grizzly Bear

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