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Outsider two page reflection.

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Kevin Over the break you are suppose to write a two page reflection: Write about a time when you felt like an outsider.

Kevin The time that I have felt like an outsider was when I was at a basketball game. Before the basketball game has started we had a mini basketball practice for out own team for the real game later on. We need to practice because otherwise we wouldn’t be ready for the game and that would be bad. Our practice went fine, we did push ups, trunk lift, pacer laps, sit ups, and etc. then we practiced shooting, doing lay ups, three point shots, two point shots, and etc. after that our coach told us to stop and get a drink of water and rest until our opponent comes. So we were resting. The coach came over and gave us the plan for the game, some people will be sitting on the bench and some will be on court playing. The plan was given, it was getting late. Finally they have arrived we stood up and took a stretch and did some exercises like jumping jacks the other team also did their exercises. They also resembled to do the plan for the basketball game. Then we came together to meet each other and wish each other good luck. The referee had come and set up the score board and get the game ready to start. People/audience filled up the perimeter of the gym. People were also buying food, drinks, snacks, and other refreshments for the big game. When all the people all bought their food and took their seats the referee announced which school were going against the other school. They also explained how long will it be and thank you to the people who came tonight to see the game. So now the game has started we flip a coin and it was out ball first, my friend Billy passed me the ball I dribbled it down the court and shot I missed, the other team took the loose ball and ran down for our side they scored on us, the people on my team got frustrated. This time it was some other guy on my team has the ball and passed it to another kid on my team. Throughout the rest of the game the people on my team didn’t passed the ball to me. I wondered why, soon I knew why, the reason was that I missed the shot in the begging of the game and that kind of bothered my teammates; however, they still should of passed the ball to me because everybody misses a shot in a basketball game. That was the time that I felt like an outsider. Throughout the rest of the basketball game it went even better without me in the game. My teammates seem to be scoring more points. I was blocking and guarding the other team when they had the ball. I was also getting rebounds, steals, and passes to my teammates at the end of the game we had won and got out trophy and medals for each of us we also had a M.V.P. at the end. I knew that it wasn’t going to be me. So I waited for the coach to say the name. Did you believe what the coach said? He had said my name, yup he said my name. I couldn’t believe it I thought I did horrible in the game because I messed up in the beginning of the game. My teammate’s mouths dropped wide open and gave me a hug. I thought I was horrible; however, I did well in tonight’s game. This is time when I felt an outsider during the game; however, I felt like and insider at the end of the game. After that our coach said good bye to us and we left and went home.

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