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Reading log #12

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Sarah Fernandez I just finished reading "My fake boyfriend is better than yours",it sent me a very inportant lesson about life.I learned from that book that you should never lie.Also,always tell the truth even if your scared that no one will like you.If you read that book it's about a friendship of two best friends but,if you read the whole book you'll see that it's mainly for thoses who lie.Now I'm reading a book called"Confessions of a not it girl."Trust me I can totally relate to that.The main character's name is Jan and she thinks her life preety much sucks.I know what she's going through.I love reading books that I can relate to my life.I may not be the popular girl,or may not have a lot of friends but theses books help me under stand life and know that I'm not alone.

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O.k. I appreciate the connections you are making to what you are reading.

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