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EShay Fagan (eshay11) | 23 comments Voracious readers!

I apologize if this has already been pointed out. Now Amazon prime allows two people who are both members to share books ones of them owns on their Kindle. All you have to do is get the other person's email address to send them the requested book. The friend then has the book for two weeks and then it goes away by itself. Would anyone be interested? Here's a few books I have if anyone wants to "borrow" them:

Everything is Illuminated
A Handmaid's Tale
The Color Purple
The Secret Adversary

Post offers and requests here and happy (free) reading!!

message 2: by EShay (new)

EShay Fagan (eshay11) | 23 comments Ok, correction to previous post... not all Kindle books are eligible. Here's a link to the explination:

We can still share, just not as many books as I thought... bummer.

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