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If you had a power, what would it be?
Catfish :D Catfish :D Feb 18, 2012 08:26AM
So. I'm not talking about the powers in the series, but powers you made up yourself. Obviously, no offence, not over powered, like making anything appear out of thin air :3. So, what would your power be?

Me, I'd probably be able to absorb some type of material, and my body would turn into that material.


To go anywhere in a heartbeat,really useful, what with the price of fuel.

The ability to get my wife to make me a sandwich when the football's on

deleted member Feb 24, 2012 06:16PM   1 vote
the power to fly or contol lightning

The ability to persuade people into doing things I want!

deleted member Feb 25, 2012 10:48PM   0 votes

I would like to be like the Breeze!!!
Either that or the power to read others minds.

what the breeze and sam both have and little pete and caine and fly and disapear and this and that and what diana and mind reading and sahpeshifting and to be able to control the element and to read every book in the world.

I would like to be able to beable to teleport, fly or breath underwater. Or all three at once. I would like to be like Lana and beable to heal people but I would get tired of being asked to solve people's problems...

i would like to be telekinetic or a shapeshifter or able to freeze time on certain things.

shapeshifting or control water

epic fast reflexes

The ability to freeze time

The power to become pure energy. So that I can create what I want and do ANYTHING because all things are caused by energy (^-^)

the power to control water and fire.

To make money out of thinair

The ability to manipulate atoms. Therefore, since everything is made out of atoms, I can pretty much create anything I need. Technically, it isn't creating things out of thin air, right?

If I could have a power I would like the Breeze or Taylor I would like to read people's minds. I would like to be like Breeze or Taylor because then I don't have to walk a lot which I hate. I would like to read mins because then I will know what my sister thinks about me in her head!

to put pictures into people mind with out them noticing

my sis said she would like to have super strength or to fly.

My power would be to control water because it can turn in to ice,steam to.

The ability to change into any animal when i touch it

the power to see what something or someone is doing anything and everything no matter the distance by thinking about it. and if it could be from the book it would be Lana's healing power

I can't choose!!! But I like shape shifting, the powers from the book (obviously), the ability to touch something and know all about it, the ability to move objects, flight, and this power I made up when I was little but it's kind of overpowering.

Ability to turn invisible like Bug.

The ability to think of something then choose if I want it to happen or not...so it would if I wanted it to.

The power of the avatar! (Avatar: the last airbender series)

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The power to morph into anything and anyone

If I were in their situation I would want it to be the ability to create food and water. If it were for just whatever I'd want the ability to stop time and move in that space. For example i spill orange juice but freeze time move to the chair next to mine and start time back up that way it doesnt get on me.

F 25x33
Jessica Well, if you had that freeze time superpower, you wouldnt need tivo because you could freeze the tv
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Atlantic Gem Lol. So true.
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there are soo many to choose but if I had to, it would be flying or telekinesis or mind reading

Mind control!

the power to heal , such as lana's

Shapeshifting into some type of feline!

flying-that would be so cool!

The power to move through solid objects.

Lighting and the power to wish for anything

I would love to read people's minds and put thoughts into their heads...:)

I would really enjoy teleportation and healing. Oh, and shapeshifting.

the ability to go unnoticed at will

Shapeshifting and/or flying...although shapeshifting into a bird would let you fly...

what Sam has, or telekinesis(like Caine, or mind reading :P

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