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Does Julia grate on anyone else's nerves?
Emma Emma Feb 18, 2012 06:59AM
Having just read and immensely enjoyed the beautiful flawed characters of the book. Even those who are not quite so nice have a spark of humanity.
In contrast I find Julia most annoying and it confounds me that Jackson would end up with her. Her only redeeming feature was when she sat with Sammy the dog.

She appears again so Atkinson obviously enjoys the idea of their relationship, but I find them totally mismatched and it upset the balance of the end of the book for me.

Your thoughts?

I've just finished this and have to agree, Julia was definitely annoying and Jackson being in bed with her was just wrong! Interestingly the TV version has just screened here in NZ and Julia was quite different - likeable and attractive, less eccentric and foul-mouthed. I usually don't like it when TV characters are toned down versions of those in the book, but this time I thought the producers did the right thing.

Emma Glad to have your input Sue!
Mar 18, 2012 07:16AM

I think everyone is forgetting that Julia is portrayed through through the eyes of her prudish, repressed sister in Case Histories. That's why she comes across as foul-mouthed, impulsive, and annoying. Personally, I thought she was the normal one of the two sisters. She's also kind of fun, which is what Jackson needs.

Yes, yes, yes! And now that I've just finished the third book in the series I can only say she gets worse. During the second book, I wanted to reach into the book and shake some sense into Jackson for getting involved with such a pretentious and self-absorbed horror as Julia.

Can anyone explain to me why/how Binky knew about Olivia being in her garden? And, furthermore, why didn't she tell anyone?

I liked Jackson better with the copper friend.. I forgot her name, but they made a good couple. Meh to Julia...

I always thought Julia was an obnoxious prat. However, I don't think it's odd that Jackson was with her. He has extremely poor taste in women!

Maybe it's a case of opposites attracting? Hope there's more Jackson planned; although I'll read anything by Kate Atkinson.

I think it's Julia's 'job' to be irritating - everyone in Jackson's life seems to be irritating to a greater or lesser degree - which accounts for the faint air of bewilderment that accompanies wherever he goes.

I think that she is kind of the latest (Jackson) Atkinson book Julia is getting much older and it is almost comical the way she keeps a stanglehold on her fleeting youth.The book was "Started Early,Took my Dog."

I agree with Emma; Julia was very irritating.

Emma Thank you Sheila, I thought I was being churlish, but glad to hear I am not being overly harsh!!
Mar 06, 2012 12:03PM · flag

I've just finished this book and I thought the exact same thing. She was funny at first, and then she got annoying. She didn't change much from beginning to end, at least, not so much that I would notice. Weird that Jackson went for her.

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