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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments *

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Let me introduce you to The Ravens Crossing.

The Ravens Crossing (TRC) is a young adult internet-based, interactive, fantasy series set in a fictional world within a real city. TRC has been in the planning stages since 2011. The Ravens Crossing:

* Written by multiple authors.
* Created with a team of editors, content advisors, artists, and graphic designers of all ages.
* A long term project with an intriguing cast of characters.
* A series of stories involving multiple characters, multiple points of view, and one goal: To tell a continuing tale of extraordinary events.
* Celebrates diversity.

Months of development have been dedicated by the TRC team to create something that has never been seen before on the internet. The building blocks were set into motion during a weekly coffee get-together. From there it took on a life of its own. All of the authors agreed to work in a flash fiction style, limiting each daily episode to 1,000 words or less. TRC will grow, change, and evolve as the stories unfold.

What Can Readers Expect?

Expect the unexpected! Readers can find something new at TRC every day of the week.

* Monday through Saturday: One story each day.
* Sunday: Special content, news, information, and surprises.
* Interactive participation: In time, readers will join in the fun.
* Direct communication: Chat with the team at TRC.

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments This TRC Behind the Scenes thread is for:
○ Background information on the project.
○ A place where members can ask questions.
○ News about what TRC is working on, such as contests, games, or new content.

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Sammy Goode | 5380 comments very exciting!

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Amanda Corlies (amandacorlies) | 109 comments Thanks Kaje and Sammy for the lovely introduction.

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Andi Lea (andilea) Thanks Kaje, Sammy, Byron, Juli, and Jean Pierre!

We're busy over at the website with Week 2 kicking off today and the second installment of Lucas & Riley.


You can also see the button/link on our sidebar to encourage more YA LGBT readers to join the group! :)

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Andi Lea (andilea) We would love to invite group members to give us feedback on the TRC website: ideas, suggestions, comments.

Also, we would love to write some exclusive content just for YA LGBT Books group members.

So, check out the website http://www.theravenscrossing.org/ and let us know what you think.


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Thanks Kaje, Byron, Sammy, Jean Pierre, and Julie for the wonderful welcome.

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Andi Lea (andilea) Exclusive for the YA LGBT Books members, a sneak peek at the main characters of The Ravens Crossing. Today it’s Lucas & Riley!

The original idea for Lucas and Riley came out of a writing prompt I did for my writing group back in September of 2011. The first appearance of these two characters was following a strange funeral they attended which was full of former carnival workers. I continued to write very short stories about them to entertain a friend during a stressful time in her life.

A few weeks later, I found myself brainstorming a young adult web series with West Thornhill and Amanda Corlies. Instantly, I knew Lucas and Riley had a home. Sometimes, things just click like that and you know, as a writer, that this is exactly where these characters are supposed to be.

The backstory on Lucas Holden is complicated. He is the child of a single mother who will not tell anyone who his father is. His mother has disappeared, and he has inherited an entire estate from a family friend, Pierre Broussard. The estate includes a huge corporation, a house, a car, and a non-profit organization. To say that Lucas is in over his head is an understatement. Lucas has become an emancipated minor through the help of his Aunt Kat who was Pierre’s best friend.

While all of this is going on Lucas’ best friend and longtime crush, Riley Stallings, has returned his feelings. Now Lucas is dealing with a potential boyfriend while he struggles to keep his feet firmly planted in reality. Strangely, reality is becoming difficult to define as events in Wildwood lead Lucas to discover that what he knows about the world isn’t exactly what he expected.

Riley Stallings is the guy everyone loves to hang around. He’s easy going and laid back. He takes everything in stride. He has been Lucas’ best friend since the sixth grade when they spent a day in in-school suspension for staging a mock sword fight, on campus, with their lacrosse sticks. Riley and Lucas are the kind of friends that can finish one another’s thoughts and anticipate what the other needs at any moment. They have great chemistry together and are always fun to write dialogue for.

Riley wants, very much, to move their relationship to the next stage. Lucas wants, very much, to stop Riley from going too far. Their attraction to one another is obvious and plays out in fun ways, even when the world around them is full of complications. Lucas understands complicated, and his reservations are valid due to his own mistakes in the past. Riley isn’t perfect, but he’s lived a charmed life and hasn’t experienced some of the hard knocks that Lucas has kept secret.

To read Week 4’s installment of Lucas & Riley, go here:

To start at the beginning of Lucas’ & Riley’s story, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

And to read the first story I wrote about Lucas & Riley, go here: http://andi-lea.com/musings-shenaniga...

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments I like these two guys, especially Lucas, maybe because he's a bit more complex. I hope they are gaining a lot of fans.

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Andi Lea (andilea) Thanks Kaje, I am glad you are enjoying Lucas. Their story is gaining a regular following! :)

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Amanda Corlies (amandacorlies) | 109 comments Exclusive for the YA LGBT Books members, a sneak peek at the main characters of The Ravens Crossing. Today it's Morgan & Holly!

I’ve been wanting to write Morgan & Holly’s story for a very long time. I wanted to create two young ladies I could relate to, and therefore, hopefully others could relate to as well. I wanted to write a sweet romantic adventure with a happy ending. So, when we started brainstorming TRC, I jumped at the chance to write this story. I’m happy to be sharing a bit of back story on my ladies with you today.

Holly Brennan has experienced first-hand that gender is irrelevant. Her first crush was on a guy named Mark who held her hand at the community skating rink when she was ten. But, during her Freshmen year in high school, when the only person she was interested in dating was her next door neighbor, Andrea, Holly became confused.

Luckily, her mom, Ashley, was open and supportive. Understanding Holly’s need for facts, she made sure to help Holly find all the latest information. Holly did what she does best, she read everything she could find so she could fully understand and explain her own identity. Ashley even helped her find and join a local Rainbow Alliance group and proudly marched with her in the Roanoke Pride parade during her Sophomore year.

Holly was happy, mainly because she fancied herself in love with the girl next door. That is, until she moved back to Iowa City and met Morgan Tiernan, because what she felt for Andrea doesn’t even compare.

Lately, Holly’s been wondering if opposites can really work around major philosophical differences? Holly views the world through rational thinking, where Morgan believes in strange things like alternate evolutions, crossings, and blinds. Morgan actually believes all the stories about The Knowing that her grandmother used to tell. She believes not everything has or needs rational explanations.

Holly’s started wondering if maybe Morgan has a point. Their electric attraction certainly can’t be explained or denied. And as much as Holly wants to explain what happened in The Grove, she knows she can’t. Soon, she will have to trust Morgan and her grandmother, Hazel, and accept the old cliché that truth really can be stranger than fiction.

Morgan likes to tell people that she’s known she’s a lesbian ever since her friend Riley Stallings kissed her at her third birthday party. This isn’t exactly true, but it’s the story she sticks to. She has never been interested in boys.

She came out to her best friend, Sharon, and her family when she was ten. At the time, she was really scared, mostly at the thought of losing Sharon. But Sharon just hugged her and asked what she could do to help. Then, she sat right beside Morgan the first time she talked to her family about it. Morgan knows she’s blessed to have so many allies. It’s why she is so committed to her work with GSA.

When Holly walked into her life, on Valentine’s Day, no less, Morgan was immediately attracted. Plus, there was a wild energy between them that was difficult to control. Morgan knew Holly felt the energy, too, but did she feel the attraction? She deliberately maneuvered her into a pseudo-date at the Valentine’s Dance, and was not surprised to find the attraction mutual.

What Morgan didn’t expect were the feelings that go much deeper. And, she never expected the granddaughter of Hazel Brennan wouldn’t believe in the histories. Now, she’s torn between pushing Holly to open her eyes to reality and wanting to protect her, because what Morgan feels coming is freaking her out. And, call it a hunch, but somehow she knows Holly is going to be right at the center of it.

Growing up in Wildwood was never dull, but things in Wildwood are about to get stranger than even Morgan’s wildest imaginings. No amount of Holly’s rational thinking is going to explain it. Only one thing will be evident. Everyone will have to work together if they hope to save The Ravens Crossing.

To read Week 4’s installment of Morgan & Holly, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

To start at the beginning of Morgan & Holly’s story, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

For more about Morgan & Holly , go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/morg...

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Exclusive for the YA LGBT Books members, a sneak peek at the main characters of The Ravens Crossing. Today it's Kazuki & Quinn!

I have decided to wrench control away from our Author Goddess and give everyone a sneak peek into the seven us she writes about. Oh, who am I? I’m Tetsuya Yeatts-Tanaka, the youngest of the triplets. I’m the Editor-in-Chief of The Wing, our school paper, as well as having known just about all the players since kindergarten. The only person in our little group who I don’t know well is Hemp, but hopefully that can be rectified while I give you, faithful readers, a little insight into all of us.

Since Kaz and Quinn are the first couple you met, I’m going to start with them. That way no one gets confused. It’s about time these two got together. At least now Raiden and I will get a break from all the angst.

Who is Kazuki? Well, he’s the oldest of the three of us. He takes his job very seriously which is probably why he does so well at kendo, kum do, and fencing. The boy is wicked cool with a sword. Our grandfather, Tanaka Mizu, started teaching all of us when we were three. Kaz was the one to show real talent. Raiden and I are adept and good sparring partners for Kaz, but neither of us can touch his ability.

Kaz came out to me and Raiden when we were twelve. He told our parents and Alchemy, our sister, when we were thirteen. They weren’t surprised. They have always been supportive and an open ear when we need one. So, not long after Kaz came out to everyone, he told Raiden and I who he had a crush on – Quinn O’Halloran, Raiden’s best friend.

This could have gone wrong on so many levels, but we were able to keep Kaz from saying anything to Quinn. Why? Because we weren’t sure if Quinn was gay or bi or straight. Not even Raiden knew.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering who Quinn is, right? Well, Q is the quintessential boy next door, lacrosse player. He and Raiden have been best friends since kindergarten when he didn’t call him “triplet,” he called him Raiden. Back then, Q also played soccer. He is probably one of the best things to happen to us as a set. He helped others see us as individuals.

When we were fourteen, Kaz was in a kum do exhibition. That’s when we discovered Q might not be as straight as we all thought he was. Oh, that was funny day. As a guy going through puberty and figuring out who you are, things tend to come up unexpectedly. This happened to Quinn at the exhibition. Didn’t help him any when Dad tried to explain how it was natural and nothing to worry about.

I think all three of us, me, Q and Raiden, were mortified. The best thing was that Kaz, Mom, and Alchemy left afterwards for a kendo tournament in Japan. Quinn spent the night with me and Raiden. That’s when he told us how he’d been feeling about Kaz. For two years Quinn danced around the idea of actually asking Kaz out. It drove us crazy.

Turns out though that maybe waiting was a good idea. Lately, things have been weird. Quinn has this great Celtic warrior cross with a garnet that has begun to affect him. And Kaz has the ability to keep him from exploding. Actually all of us have been experiencing odd water things. Hmmm…well, this is all for Kaz and Quinn. Up next will be Raiden and Hemp.

To read Week 4’s installment of Kauzki & Quinn, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

To start at the beginning of Kazuki & Quinn’s story, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

For more about Kazuki & Quinn , go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/kazu...

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Andi Lea (andilea) This week we are bringing you a peek at the main characters in The Ravens Crossing. Today it’s Darci & Elliot!

When all of the collaborators at TRC were brainstorming story ideas, the LGBTQ young adults felt we should represent true diversity, including hetero couples. Darci & Elliot are my homage to one of my favorite fictional literary couples, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. My background in theatre, film, and gender studies all come together to play with these characters. I enjoy taking universal themes and twisting them up.

Darci Wansborough and Elliot Greene, were born the same year, and grew up together. Their backyards are connected. When they were little this allowed for several adventures, tree climbing, and fort building. The summer before they began third grade, Darci experienced a significant change in her life and she withdrew from spending as much time with Elliot.

Darci’s family is from Australia. She has two happily married parents and an older brother, Liam, who is ten years her senior. Liam left for college just before Darci began the third grade. At the same time, their parents took more interest in their own lives and less interest in being actively involved in Darci’s life. They hired a live-in housekeeper/caretaker who Darci considers a family member.

Just before Liam left for college, Darci began to have strange dreams that included traveling with Liam. Liam knew these were not simply dreams, but a form of astral projection. He helped Darci control this ability and it has allowed them to keep in constant contact even though they are often continents apart. Liam, a photographer, also gave Darci her first camera and inspired her to become a photographer as well. Darci spends her summers with Liam due to her parent’s overscheduled lives. Liam is not just a brother; he is the person Darci confides in for everything.

Elliot was born and raised in Iowa City. He is the son of Kelsey Greene and Zoe Watson-Greene. He has an older brother, Jay, who is six years older. The Greene family owns the local café Greene Beans. Elliot’s parents seem to be having problems, but Elliot is not sure what they are about. His older brother Jay has suddenly returned home from college. Life in the Greene household is a bit on the depressing side right now, as his parents aren’t speaking much, and his brother is moping around depressed.

Elliot has been in love with Darci since forever. Even after she pulled away from him, Elliot has always had an eye for her. He tried dating other girls and every relationship was an epic fail. As far as Elliot is concerned, there is no question in his mind who he should spend the rest of his life with. The only thing he doesn’t know is how Darci feels.

Darci has suspected for some time that Elliot also has the ability to astral travel. She has run into him more than once on the astral plane. Now, she needs to help Elliot learn how to control his ability, while she sorts out how she feels about him.

To read this Week 4’s installment, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

To start at the beginning of Darci & Elliot’s story, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

To learn more about Darci & Elliot, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/darc...

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Thanks for all the details about the process. I really like hearing what triggered the stories and characters for you (and I'm impressed that you know where the inspiration came from; I usually don't - they sneak up on me.) And I like that there are hetero couples in there. To avoid being some kind of ghetto, the picture of diversity should include the most common as well as the least, with equal joy and attention,

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Andi Lea (andilea) Sometimes the opportunity makes itself clear to twist up a beloved story or theme. I also have those sneaky characters who come at me out of nowhere, Lucas & Riley were like that.

I love the variety involved in the creative process. Some days, I marvel at the fact I get to play pretend all day long!

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Amanda Corlies (amandacorlies) | 109 comments Sharon & Alex have been a ton of fun to write. First of all, Alex is the person I always wanted to be. He’s carefree and willing to break the rules. I really wanted to create a lovable main character that was flawed, but I didn’t want him to be a typical troubled teen. Because, many, like me, make the same mistakes as Alex at his age, but it’s not always because of some issue or label, it’s simply because, like Alex, we didn’t stop to consider the consequences of our actions.

These two characters are the perfect match, though it might not seem like it at first. Sharon is more like the person I really am. She can’t seem to act without considering the consequences, so she will help Alex see them, too. But, she feels her responsibility to others keenly, to the point that she will overwork herself into exhaustion. Sharon follows the rules, to the letter. You might even say she’s a little uptight.

Sharon has spent her whole life feeling pressured by the expectations of her family. She needs someone like Alex who will help her discover her own needs and find a good balance between what she wants for herself and what her family expects of her.

Both Sharon & Alex are strong allies to the LGBTQIA community. Alex is the son of two fathers, which kind of makes that inevitable. His two dads, Charlie Richards and Leon Peltier, may not always understand him these days, but they are fantastic parents. Both are college professors at the university who thrive on academia. Alex has no problems with learning. He’s extremely smart and he loves to read, but he hates school more than he can express to them. The structure of the school day and the lessons of the classroom aren’t for him.

His parents were married on their 17th anniversary, the first year same-sex marriage became legal in Iowa. Alex was ten when he proudly stood between them as they took their vows. Alex met his best friend, Markus “Bones” Kramer, when his fathers were on their honeymoon. He stayed with his uncle, Guy, who owns “Richards,” one of the hottest gay clubs in town. Guy isn’t what you’d call the paternal type. In fact, he didn’t have a clue how to handle a ten-year-old boy. So, he convinced his on-again-off-again boyfriend, Bones, to help. Alex and Bones hit it off, despite their age difference, and they have been friends ever since.

Sharon is also an ally and an advocate. Morgan Tiernan has been her best friend since – well forever. She can’t remember life without Morgan and she wouldn’t want to. In fact, one of her earliest memories is of the two of them playing with stuffed animals in a large, purple play pen. By the time kindergarten started, they were inseparable.

Morgan came out to her when they were ten. Sharon was a little surprised, but it never changed the way she felt about her friend. So, Sharon learned what it’s like to come out right beside Morgan, and she is passionate about gaining equal rights for her friend. She’s even considering a career in government policy.

Sharon and Alex have very different ways of handling things. Alex isn’t always the best at being honest with himself or others; Sharon has the ability to literally tell whenever anyone is lying to her. Sharon needs a well thought out plan; Alex likes to fly by the seat of his pants. But, each of them will learn the benefits of the other’s approach to life. Alex is just finding out he is a perceptive. He has hidden talents he hasn’t even begun to discover, and he’s going to need Sharon to help him deal with the changes in his life.

But, Sharon is going to discover she needs Alex just as much. Because as life grows stranger in Wildwood, Sharon will be forced to face things without her structured plans. She’s going to have to operate at times under a go-with-the-now-and-to-heck-with-the-rules mentality, something Alex excels at. Together, they are going to make a great team. They may be in for a bumpy ride, but it will be one fantastic adventure.

To read Week 4’s installment of Sharon & Alex, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

To start at the beginning of Sharon & Alex’s story, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

To read more about Sharon & Alex, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/shar...

Thanks for dropping by! :D

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Hello, again. I’ve taken control away once again. If you missed Wednesday’s extra, I’m Tetsuya. Today I’m going to give you a little more background about my brother Raiden and his girlfriend, Hemp.

She’s not my girlfriend.

Yes, she is. You hold hands, walk her to class, “study” together. And, stop interrupting. Why don’t you just leave the room?

Anyway, sorry about that. Raiden is…

I’m what?

Gods, can’t you just go away?


Fine, but sit over there. Watch ESPN or something. Just be quiet. Let’s try this again. Raiden is the middle triplet and star soccer player. He’s actually amazing. He has several pro teams interested in him. If we lived in Japan or Europe, he’d probably already be with a club.

I wonder if his plans are changing now that he’s involved with Hemp. Hmmm…whatever. Not my problem. Raiden has always been good with his feet. Mom gave us a soccer ball when we were two, but Raiden, or Kami, was the one to show a natural ability for it. Kind of like how Kaz is with a sword.

Raiden has always been the quieter of the three of us. Usually he doesn’t say much, but when he does you better listen. He can be scary accurate about things. Since his goal is play pro soccer, he hasn’t actually had a “girlfriend.” He’s been more of the serial dater, and he never dates the same girl more than two or three times. That is until he tried to flatten Hemp Hadley, who is very cute by the way.

Hemp didn’t start school with us until this year. I think she was homeschooled. I do know that she grew up on a farm. Her family runs Hadley’s Organic Farm. They actually supply Organically Thrown Pizza exclusively, plus have the most popular stall at Melon Cauli Market. Everyone in Wildwood buys from them.

You know nothing about Hemp. Why are you even trying to talk about her?

Would you like to tell everyone about Hemp?

I’d do a better job of it than you are. All you’re talking about is her family’s business. Why don’t you go sit over there and watch ESPN? Hi, everyone. I’m Raiden. Since Suya doesn’t know Hemp as well as I do, I’m going to tell you a little bit about her.

He was correct when he said she’s cute. But I think she’s beautiful.
Told you she was his girlfriend.

Shut up. She’s not my girlfriend. And stop rolling your eyes. Hemp is probably the perfect foil for me. She’s outspoken and sarcastic. We’ve been spending a lot of time together trying to figure out this crazy necklace that appeared around my neck. Her family is of Norse descent, but I get the feeling there is something more to her. Sometimes I get the sense that she’s going to suddenly transform into someone else.

Now there’s someone else I should probably tell you about – Suya. He’s hiding something from us. Suya was an award winning swimmer who has the potential to be on the Olympic team, if he’d just get back into competitive swimming. He won’t tell us why he’s taken the year off.

Suya doesn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at the moment, but he and Amelia, his best friend, are looking rather cozy these days.

Shut up, Raiden.

What? You can tease me about Hemp but I can’t tease you about Amelia? How fair is that? Moving on. Lately weird things keep happening. I’ve got this Norse necklace. Quinn glows like a flame. And I’ve noticed I can manipulate water.

Me too.

Kaz must be able to do something too. All I know is that when Quinn lights up, Kaz can touch him and extinguish the flame.

I think we need to go to Hazel’s and see what we can figure out.

Either that or see what Morgan and Riley know. There’re also the Histories.

Well, wonderful reader, I think it’s time for us to go. We have some research we need to take care of. Hope you have enjoyed this little insight into those of us West writes about. I’m handing back the reins. Oh, keep coming back to TRC to see what’s happening with everyone.

To read Week 4’s installment of Raiden & Hemp; Tetsuya, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

To start at the beginning of Raiden & Hemp; Tetsuya’s story, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

For more about Raiden & Hemp, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/raid...

For more about Tetsuya, go here: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/tets...

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Amanda Corlies (amandacorlies) | 109 comments I love the boys' interaction in this, West. Cracks me up!

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Andi Lea (andilea) Brothers are so much fun.

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments I third that. :)

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Thanks. The triplets are a lot of fun.

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Andi Lea (andilea) News & Views With Darci & Elliot

Elliot: Strange things happen in Wildwood. Last night was no exception. Everyone we know was out in The Grove for Wildwood's annual Fourth of July picnic and fireworks.

Darci: E-Z, you can't tell them what happened.

Elliot: I can't?

Darci: No.

Elliot: What about the thing with the guy at the door?

Darci: No.

Elliot: The guy in The Grove?

Darci: No.

Elliot: What about what happened at The Crossing?

Darci: Stop.

Elliot: Do I get something if I stop?

Darci: Really?

Elliot: It never hurts to ask.

A pillow hits Elliot in the back of the head.

Riley: Some people are still trying to sleep here.

Darci laughs.

Elliot: Can I tell the readers where we are?

Darci, Lucas, and Riley: No!

Elliot: Fine.

Darci: Here's the thing, we can't tell you about Wildwood. We can tell you that the staff at The Ravens Crossing are still dealing with the aftermath of the derecho storm of June 29th. One staff member is still without electricity. Everyone is working on cleaning up debris, restocking their refrigerators/freezers, and providing shelter to friends and family who are still without power. In Virginia, 97k people are still waiting for their electricity to be restored. In the TRC area, there are still 20k people without power.

Elliot: What about the picture? Can I tell them about the picture?

Darci: They know about the picture, if they read last week's story: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/the-...

Elliot: That's a good idea. The readers should go catch up on Week 20 stories: http://www.theravenscrossing.org/week... And maybe, I could just tell them about the freaky thing?

Lucas: Which one?

Darci: No.

Elliot: There were several freaky things.

Darci: Stop.

Elliot: What about breakfast? Can we go get some breakfast?

Riley: Yes. Please leave. Go get breakfast. What is with you morning people?

Lucas: I want breakfast.

Riley: I'll get you some breakfast. What do you want?

Lucas: You really like me.

Riley: Yes, Luc. I really like you.

Elliot: Darci didn't offer to get me breakfast.

Lucas: Maybe she doesn't like you?

Riley: I'll get you breakfast, Elliot. Obviously, I'm not getting any sleep.

Elliot: Where's Darci?

Lucas: She went to get some coffee and a break.

Elliot: You just did that freaky thing.

Lucas: Yep.

Riley: Stop talking about it.

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Aww, Lucas and Riley :)

Good luck with all the clean-up.

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Andi Lea (andilea) We'be been busy at TRC, even though we're on vacation. Behind the scenes we are wrapping up edits on the first anthology of Season 1.

Be sure to check in and see what is going on. We've been having fun posting interviews with all of our characters on the TRC website. http://www.theravenscrossing.org/

Season 2 begins August 6th and things are going to get even more interesting in Wildwood as the kids begin their senior year of high school.

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Wow, short summer vacation ;)

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Andi Lea (andilea) We really didn't want to keep the readers waiting.

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Andi wrote: "We really didn't want to keep the readers waiting."

I'm sure they will be grateful - I hate waiting for sequels. It doesn't give you guys time off though.

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Andi Lea (andilea) I thought I should give something of an update, since it's been a while. We ended up taking some well deserved time off and returned with more energy. We are fast approaching our TWO YEAR anniversary.

It's been such a pleasure to partner with this group, we've made a lot of friends, and have received amazing reader mail/messages. Thank you! In honor of the group and our anniversary we have some upcoming fun planned.

Next week we begin Season Five-- we have written almost 2 million words. And we're not even close to done. A lot of readers have been waiting for follow up stories on some of their favorite characters-- they are coming. The Thirteen have moved into the realm of New Adult and we just got our final publishing schedule for those books. It's going to be an amazing year of new releases.

We hope you'll join us to celebrate our anniversary. And again, thank you!

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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Looking forward to it :)

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Janie | 4 comments Andi wrote: "I thought I should give something of an update, since it's been a while. We ended up taking some well deserved time off and returned with more energy. We are fast approaching our TWO YEAR anniversa..."


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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments And we get a giveaway and free stories starting Monday :)

message 33: by Andi (new)

Andi Lea (andilea) I'm really looking forward to this week! <3 u Janie!

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