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Do you think this would be a non-fiction book?

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Ruby I'm currently doing AS english literature and the topic is the 'struggle for identity in modern literature'. Do you think I can class this book as a piece of non-fiction writing to contribute to my reading log (and possibly make the basis of my small presentation)?

Sorry, probably not the usual discussion, but it could make one brilliant reference in coursework, exams and my presentation next week.

Let me know what you think. :-) And thanks to those who bother to reply.

Todd I'm fairly certain it is a non-fiction book with quotes from his dad and stories of of his childhood. Good read for sure in my opinion. Read it while on vacation in the Mexican Riveria.

Ruby Thanks! Sorry it was a bit of a thick question, just a bit necessary right now to be absolutly 100%.

Laura I think you can certainly consider this as non-fiction. I think it would be technically a memoir.

Ruby Thank you, Laura. :-) I've actually done the presentation now and I got a really good laugh for it. - Even my English teacher has bought it now.

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Michael Having worked in a library, i know its non fiction and in the 814.6, which is like essays and writing, modern day stuff.

Yvette Porter Moore This is definitely a non-fiction and very much a memoir.

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