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Clary and Rune making

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Kirsty I have had issues with this since it was introduced but now it really does annoy me (because it has become the regular fix it method for everything), I feel like he abilities our to much sometimes everything is saved by a rune everytime, it seems like a copout to me.

Not to mention I feel everything should have limitations, and now Simon even is unable to be killed because of the rune she placed on him (an I have read half of the next book and there is no side effects it so far, which to me ruins the character as whats the point of a character without vunrablity in a book based around battles), It all seems to easy to every time it come's down to last min Clary see's the answer in a rune in her head and creates it.

PostCardashian Kim I think you're right, but it's weirder than that because most of the time Clary is in trouble she doesn't actually use the super runes. Why not?

Kirsty Because there would be no story, but again it starts to get predictable that she cant see the rune that is needed to save everyones butts tell right at last min then bam there it is.

Not to mention why doesnt Jace have anything like that he had the same blood and all he got was to jump a little higher in the air, I would like to see him use his angel giving gifts a bit more.

An I would like to see hand to hand batteling from Clary, and her becoming more of a shadowhunter using skills not just making runes, as it is more fun to read a fast past fighting scene then a drawing of a rune.

andrea pacheco I thought it was kind of odd how they just threw it in there and didn't give us any clues about what would happen

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