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message 1: by Lunariette (last edited Feb 17, 2012 01:51PM) (new)

Lunariette | 46 comments He was gone. Just like that, he had disappeared from the world forever. One minute she was in his arms, feeling his warm, soft caress envelope her, only her, she was the only one who could feel this feeling of being loved by him. And then he had left, leaving her hugging herself, nothing but cold air between her and the rest of the cruel, dark world. How could he do this to her? Though even after a few days, not a tear had run down her cheeks, not a single sob had escaped her lips. Because this was all a lie. He could not leave her alone, no one would be that cruel. And yet, there was no presence of him, and deep down, she knew she would never feel his warm body pressed against hers ever again. She had loved him. And she thought he had loved her. And now there was only nothing.

She could end this. She could end this right now, she could end the pain, this pain that was suffocating her, this gaping black hole that was sucking her in and leaving an empty shell of what she used to be. She looked up. This had to end. This had to end now. She got up, and sprinted towards the kitchen. Skidding on the tile floor, she made a point not to savor the feeling of these objects that she knew so well. They had done nothing for her. The only thing that could save her now...the only thing...

She surveyed the wooden block that she had passed by so many times, had even used most of these things for food. How ironic, she had used these very objects to sustain her life. And now they would do her one last favor. She selected one with a glinting, curved edge. Less pain. She could feel her eyes filling with hot tears for the first time since he had left. She was going to see him again, feel his familiar body against hers. She must. Closing her eyes tight, which pushed a single tear out, rolling down her cheek slowly, tickling her face, she raised the knife.

There was a gasp, then a loud, clumsy clattering sound.

A single tear fell to the floor.

message 2: by Lunariette (new)

Lunariette | 46 comments Someone suggested I make a moving death scene, so this is what I hope I achieved. How'd I do?

message 3: by Christa VG (new)

Christa VG (christa-ronpaul2012) Whoaa! Dark. Moving, but not quite long enough to really feel her despair.

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