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Ansible MOO - Ender's Game RP

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May (maysbookshelf) Ender's Game has been the love of my life. This is the only book I've been able to read more than once. In fact, I read it almost every year.

Several years ago I stumbled upon this delightful little MOO called Ansible. It's a text-based rpg and it's the best one out there. It's even linked on OSC's website. The people who run it are dedicated to making sure that fans of Ender's Game get to live in that world through their character and they do their best to make it as fun as possible. I spent a few years on many of their teams that help to keep that place running smoothly, so I know first hand that it is handled with a lot of love and care.

If you want to RP Ender's Game, this is the place to do it.

Nathan (nthnlwly) Hey cool! I'll definitely check this out!

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Amanda Richards (amanda_richards) Awesome! Thanks :)

Shaun That is very interesting. I will definitely check this system out.

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