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Ruthie Brady I have just started reading "Lust" by Robin Wasserman. Lust is the first book in the series called, Seven Deadly Sins. I'm curious to know what sins take place in the novel/series. I have a feeling that these sins are going to be very interesting to read about.
The setting plays a very important roll in my book. "Lust" is set in Grace CA, the middle of nowhere no doubt. Harper, the popular girl in town that narrates most of the time. The first chapter of the novel is the last of summer, Harper and her friends are saying that since they cannot see the "tan, hot lifeguard sitting by the pool", a cactus must be the next best thing. Grace, CA is in the center of the desert.
Kaia, the new girl in town cannot stand this washed up "nothing" town. She makes this very clear when she rants to her so called, "new friends", about how awful this place is. Kaia is in misery. Without this perfect setting, Kaia would not come off as so much of a stuck up brat, which totally makes that book way better because of the bad girl. The setting is well needed to make this book's mood the way it is.

Ruthie Brady *Reading Journal 14 by Ruthie B.

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