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Deb Deb Feb 16, 2012 11:03AM
This book makes me wish I belonged to a book club, hopefully, this forum will be just that as I found this story very confusing. Anyone care to join in a discussion?
1. Ada was dead the entire time, correct? Jane was playing Scrabble with herself, swallowed up in her depression and past....?
2. What was the story behind the baby Sam?
3. Was the engineer Jane's lover and father of the baby Sam? Jane kept the box of memorabilia that came from the engineer's house; what did she hope to obtain by sharing with the 'ghost' Ada?
4. Marne and her mom? I couldn't figure out why their relationship was strained.
5. Luce was Huck's father; did Jane and Ada know? Did Huck.
This book left so many unanswered questions that I decided I couldn't back track to find the answers other than to re-read. Then decided why bother? However my curiosity thinks I should!

I will take a stab at things.
1. I think your theory is correct, Jane is dealing with some depression and unresolved issues about her father.
2. I am not sure but I believe he is Carl's son and he died from a quick fever.
3. The engineer was not Jane's lover. Once she and Carl started that is all she saw. But she had that box for whatever reasons. He was a diversion at best.
4. Marne is an ass.
5. Huck may have known, Ada probably knew, Jane didn't have a clue.

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