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Can you read this book

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If you have not read the other books in the series.

Ronald Broun Each book stands alone but they are more interesting if read in order. Mich Rapp has a background that helps you understand his motivies.

Ankur must read them in order to properly understand the story...

Colin I read Memorial Day first cause the book was given to me and enjoyed it! I went out and go all the other books and read them in order.

I would only read one or two books before spending money on the entire series just in case it isn't your cup of tea. That is what I tend to do when I start a new author.

Adam Totally agreement with all the posts.

The books are good on their own, but to get the true effect of the ongoing story of Mitch Rapp it is best to read them in order.

Perhaps you could read this book and if you enjoy than start from the beginning.

Gary Start with the newer books "American Assassin" and then "Kill Shot". These books are about a young Mitch Rapp and how he was recuited into working for the CIA.

Stefan I highly recommand to read all books in chronological order. I'm almost done with "Kill shot" and hope there will be more Mitch Rapp navels in the future... best thriller-series I was reading ever...

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Chucky Screw all of those them in whatever order you please....Mitch Rapp is one bad assed SOB that doesn't need a history to understand how hard core he is......And he gives me a boner to boot.

Kris Baldovino I read the Series in this order.

American Assassin
Kill Shot
Transfer of Power
The Third Option
Separation of Power
Executive Power
Memorial Day
Consent to Kill
Act of Treason
Protect and Defend
Extreme Measures
Pursuit of Honor

There's another book that I can't seem to find. "the last man"

Colin The Last Man is to be released on November 13th this year! From what I understand, it brings Mitch back to the present.

Germaine I love these books but you do have to read them in order Mitch Rapp just gets better cannot wait for the new one in November.

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Carl It's like American Assasin was the origin and he started again, Kill Shot being the next adventure. As it happens I think these two are thebest so far.

Brett Madson Gary wrote: "Start with the newer books "American Assassin" and then "Kill Shot". These books are about a young Mitch Rapp and how he was recuited into working for the CIA."

I disagree with this comment. I think I appreciated American Assassin and Kill shot more the way they were released. Similar to the Star Wars series, it was cool to read about the characters in a new light.

James Thomas I agree with Brett. Best read in order of release, not chronologically. It gives more depth the the main characters and adds realism to the overall story somehow, when you read it in the order Vince wrote them.

Peggy I love Vince Flynn's books and am so sorry that there won't be anymore. What other authors do you all like similar to Vince Flynn.

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Carl The most similar iauthor is probably Brad Thor, his hero Scott Harvatth is almost Rapp. Vince Flynn will be missed he was a great writer of this genre

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Anthony Rodriguez I got this one first as a gift and I loved it. I understood the basis and even though it is down the line the author still explains key events of the story.

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Jon Peggy wrote: "I love Vince Flynn's books and am so sorry that there won't be anymore. What other authors do you all like similar to Vince Flynn."

A few that are similar would be Brad Thor, Ben Coes, and Alex Berenson. I've read everything by these 3 as well as Vince Flynn and you can't beat them.

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Carl Just read a couple on the bounce. They are so good and easy to read. One more and I've read them all. Some twice. So good.
Flynn will be missed.
I think there is a book half done so I wonder if someone else will finish it.

Colin Here is a statement posted on that answers your question about the unpublished manuscript:

Chucky This is a disaster! I can't imagine how I missed it. NONE of those other authors will do! Not a single one can even come close to Vince Flynn. I'm heartbroken.

Melissa Farnsworth I read Transfer of Power first. I was hooked and recommended it to my husband who was also immediately hooked. We've read them all and eagerly await the next/last one. I don't believe you need to read them in order - they stand alone. I agree with Brett, best to read them in the order of release, not chronologically.

Chucky I read Term Limits 1st. It remains by far my favorite. It seems quite odd though because I am & always will be a Mitch Rapp fanatic from hell & he's not in that one. I remember being quite disappointed that the books didn't continue to be all about Scott Coleman. I had grown to like him a lot & wanted to read more about just him. I got over that moral frailty (LOL) real quick! Mitch is & always will be the man. I'm more than just a bit apprehensive about the Mitch Rapp movies coming up. I don't trust Hollywood at all to do what's right. Besides, I have Mitch's image in my head. I'm not sure i want anyone else to define that for me.

Peggy Thank you ! I will check out those authors

Melinda Michelle I read them all out of order, their are some story lines about Mitch Rapp's personal life that may get jumbled but the books are so good you likely won't be too hurt about it. I recommend each and EVERY one of his sad we lost Vince Flynn and as a result Mitch Rapp!

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Ross Rawnsley I am pretty much reading them in order and am on Act of Treason right now.

I did however read Pursuit of Honor first without really knowing anything about the series.

You can read them in any order you want, but you do lose something along the way. Flynn did a pretty good job of at least touching on events that led Rapp to where he is, so you get the gist.

RIP Vince Flynn

Chucky The only one of Vince Flynns books I haven't read is 'Pursuit of Honor'.
Like all of the others, I bought it & was ripping through it & came upon a scene very early that totally devastated me. I won't give away any details, but suffice it to say I simply couldn't deal with it. Perhaps I'm too sensitive &/or emotional, but it was just too much. The images he planted in my head were far too brutal & senseless.

All of that said, I plan on attempting the book again. I love Vince Flynns ability to make me feel. I love his way of cutting right through the bs to the heart of what's needed. I love Mitch Rapps stunning brutality in dealing with criminal justice whether it's in our own government or elsewhere. Mitch Rapp is far & away at the top of the food chain & one of the things I love most is that Stan Hurley has no sway whatsoever when it comes to Mitch knowing precisely what needs to be done. Mitch is definitely his own man & takes his own counsel.
For this reason, I have no interest or intention of seeing the new Mitch Rapp movie. You cannot convince me that Dylan O'Brien is more than just some little millennial child with no comprehension of what made Mitch who he is, nor will he ever be capable of portraying Mitch as the complete alpha male that he is.

I'll stick with the books & the images I have in my head THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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Ross Rawnsley Mike, I agree that its hard to imagine a kid like Dylan O'Brien playing our hero Mitch Rapp.

However, if I am not mistaken, they are making American Assassin which is the beginning of Rapp's career, so they need someone young to play him....

I am still holding out hope that they are going to make this one which would allow them to use an older actor to play Mitch, which makes more sense in my imagination.

David I started with Term Limits, the first published book and read the rest in publication order. Caught up to the current (at the time) in a year.

Been procrastinating resuming the Rapp books by Kyle Mills for awhile now...

Vehrell Davis I have read all of Mitch Rapp except the last two now out. i started with kill shot which was great and continued. the movie was good on its own but there are too many elements taken from later books which kinda just busted it for me. American Assassin was good and could have been made into a movie without all the additions. i might have to read Consent to Kill again cuz i don't remember what it was all about but all of them are great reads!!

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