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Is the book easy to read?
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Is the book easy to read since I have not read any fantasy books.

It is easy because GRRM's writing style is fairly straightforward. You will not find difficult metaphors or long sentences. It is also divided into relatively short chapters, which I find makes it easier.

But, as others note, it's hard to read because there are a lot of characters to keep track of, and you will not always know exactly what is going on. If you are ok with that and are willing to read through brief periods of uncertainty, you will be fine. The internet and this site are chock-full of resources to help keep track of the plot and characters.

Depends where you're coming from. If your background is more literary, this is a very easy 'in' for fantasy as it has many more literary elements than most fantasy books do.

The characters can be a little hard to keep track of, but the writing style is a very easy read, and it's the biggest page turner I've ever come across in fantasy, bar none.

The books in the series are all easy to read. Initially, I also thought it will be difficult. And, when I had my copy of the books, I was like: a thousand pages! come on, who would read such a lengthy story?

But as I read through, I didn't matter anymore that the books are thick. It has become hardly noticeable because the story is super exciting. Everyday, after work, it is the one thing that I look forward to, to close my day and to take my mind off my office worries.

Yes, it's easy to read, in that the prose and the concepts aren't challenging - it's a straightforward story told straightforwardly, and although there are multiple POVs and some flashbacks there's not much trickery involved. No literary expertise, historical or genre knowledge, sophisticated tastes or ear for subtlety is required.

Or: no, it's not easy to read, in that it's long, it's slow (by pulp standards), the plot is twisty, and there are hundreds of characters. Also it's in a pseudo-medieval millieu that might be off-putting or confusing for someone who has never read fantasy before.

I think it comes down to how open you are to different reading experiences. For people willing to experiment with epic fantasy, it should be easy to read; for people who aren't, it's very epic fantasy and that might be like hitting a brick wall. Unfortunately, in practice, whether someone is willing to experiment with epic fantasy is hard to know in advance, since it's different from whether they SAY they are [in part because people who don't know the genre don't know what the genre is like - so I've known people who SAY they're open to it but hated everything they tried, and others who said they hated the thought of it but then tried some and loved it].

I read the first book and enjoyed it well enough. Books 2 & 3 I listened to on audiobook and found thus way much more engaging. Because the audio goes faster for me than reading (I can listen for an hour or two a day, usually I only have 20 minutes to read at a time) the action feels more "in the present" and I feel it's easier to keep up with what's going on. Sometimes in the first book I wasn't sure I would have been able to keep track of everything if I hadn't watched the first season.

I found it to be a really easy read.

It has a lot of characters, and is a little hard to read for a first fantasy book

As others have already said, this series is heavy on details, especially for a first timer to fantasy. There are better fantasy novels out there, but GRRM does write well. These books are great for those nights where you just want something to read to burn away the time, because you can just get swept away in the details of the intrigues in the books. It is as if Tolkien decided to cram The Silmarillion, The Hobbit AND The Lord Of The Rings all in one massive volume.

P.S. I've finished Book 4 and I still have only the vaguest idea as to why GRRM named the series The Song Of Ice And Fire..

I think so, definitely. The 4th and 5th are harder to read.

I flew through the first 3 but am currently kinda stuck on 4. I feel like there's been too many new characters and story lines introduced, and too little attention given to the old ones...

Confession - I thought this book was a lot of fun and I've finished the second and am waiting for my husband to finish the third so I can find out about my favorite characters. However, I admit to "skimming" a bit over the details because there are MANY and I'm just not as interested in every last one of the lesser characters. My husband tells me that the third one moves very quickly so I'm looking forward to it.

"Easy to read?" Depends on your own reading style and expectations. Maybe read 100 pages and see if you think it's worth continuing.

I think it is a great start to fantasy, I enjoyed all the books so far.

I've been following the HBO series would it be okay to just start with the book that has inspired the current series and go fro there?

Christina I haven't actually gotten around to watching the series yet, but I've heard that the series takes a slightly different course (for some characters), t ...more
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Nina No, you should read from book 1. Otherwise you will miss out on some stuff :)
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I adore these books but it was actually pretty hard to start. I read the prologue, didn't understand it, put it back for a while until a friend told me I really should read it, then I got into it again, and once I was 50 pgs in I was hooked. I'm like that with a lot of books though, I think it's just about getting used to a new style of writing from the previous author I've read.

I'm not a native speaker but I'm reading it quite easily, it's really catching enjoyable
hope you like it ^^

I found the first three easier to read than the last two. It seems that Martin started adding too many characters into the mix. I did finish them all in about 10 days though so to me the were easy.

It was pretty difficult for me because I am not used to his style of writing. Also, he puts so much detail into his stories, that if you start to wonder off in la la land while reading for 2 seconds, you miss a huge part of the story line. But they are great books!

I find it easy to read since it's broken up by character. I'm on the 2nd book now and so far that one is following the same pattern as the first as far as how the book is broken into character chapters. They have added a few new story lines.

I have read all of these books so far and haven't watched the series. It is tough at first to grasp all the characters, this gets even more difficult with each progressing book as he adds characters. But the ones meant to stand out do stay with you and you can't wait until it's their turn again and begin hoping that he doesn't kill them off. Happens, so don't get too attached! After A Dance With Dragons, I think I will lay this series aside...kinda thinking it will never end and wonering if he's even writing them himself?

Not only is it easy to read, it's incredibly good storytelling, the kind of thing aspiring novel writers will be studying for years to come. What makes it so good? Here are my thoughts. http://bit.ly/HJiHyL

What do you think? Do you agree?

it's easy to read, a little cringey here and there but easy, as is the second one. i haven't bothered reading any further thus far so my only concern re picking up a later book would be remembering who and where everyone was - but i kinda doubt i'd read any further, i think i am about done with dire wolves and dragons

It's intimidating for sure- so long! And I repeat what others have said...I was really lost for a while with so many characters. That being said, you do eventually get a feel for them. The reading itself isn't difficult. The terms you may not be familiar with don't require a dictionary to figure out.

I think the content made it hard for me. A lot of the book is not very happy. When reading I would only read a few chapters at a time, as to not get too emotionally drained. That's just my opinion though.

To me, it's easy enough. The writing style is pretty straight to the point and Martin doesn't use a lot of metaphors or poetic stuffs. As for the characters, just stick with the important ones, you'll be fine.

The only difficulties I found is the length and thickness of the book.

I had never read "Epic Fantasy" before I read the first book in this series. I had no idea what to expect. I usually read pretty fast, but I really struggled to get through it. It took me over a week to read it. I have not been inclined to read any more of these or anything else labeled as Epic Fantasy. I think I will just watch the series on HBO. It's just the type of thing I get into.

The first book is great, but be warned, the series is not finished thru 5 books, and may never be finished. I also thought the quality dropped off significantly after book 3, but some people like it still.

There are a lot of characters to get through in the first book alone. Also, the author does like to describe the characters and their surroundings at times. If you don't like these things, You are going to have a hard time getting into these books (and maybe the TV show if you like watching adaptations).

I should admit I got bored with it my first time around (I only read about 167 pages). I tried again and I was able to read the entire thing by pacing myself.

It greatly depends on what you mean by "easy". The prose is not difficult to handle. The characters and world created are rich and compelling. It is very well written. Still, I had to take an occasional break and read something light and fluffy.

I really enjoyed the first book. I'm a latecomer to this series and I like that. I did not fall into the hype. So I feel like I have a fresh take this. It is everything I look for in a book, war, intrigue, lying, cheating, bastard children, "twincest",
good and bad, good people die, bad people triumph, intelligent children, foreshadowing, ( sometimes a bit too blatant but that's ok ) dreams, hidden long lost powers, a hint of insanity, psychopaths, and people standing in line long overdue to get what they deserve.
The story is compelling, the characters are fully fleshed. I have my favorites right now, but I think as I get to know some of them better, ( I'm well into the second book ) I will find some compassion for others no matter how deranged I think they may be right now.
The complexity of this tale is what drew me in at first, then it was how much I started to care about the characters which became real people to me, with real lives. The description was so rich and visually stimulating I couldn't help but wish that I was there, despite the danger that was ever present.
After I read the first novel I got the HBO 1st season and have watched it at least 4 times. I enjoy that as well. To know that the series has the authors blessing and that he wrote and had a hand in directing one of the chapters in the series really had a lot of weight in my feeling of its authenticity.
I can't wait to finish the 2nd book and move on to the third.

I found it easy reading. However, when I read this book, I had to look at the appendix and maps frequently to understand who the characters and the houses that were mentioned frequently. This book has so many characters that "non-frequent readers" will find it difficult to follow.

My friend, started to read the book and did not go past the first 10 chapters. He said he would just watch the HBO series instead. He says he didn't like reading it or the style of writing the author uses, but I think he didn't understand the story. (My friend does not read books regularly)

I was dubious at first, with all the hype of the TV series, but I made a decision to read the book and not watch the series. I am glad I did. I was drawn in after a few pages and then carried the book around with me so that I could snatch some reading time when it was available. I was surprised by the ending though.

As I'm not a native English speaker, I have to say that I didn't recognize and understand many words and phrase that George R.R. Martin used. But that didn't turn me off from reading all of the books because the plot, setting, characters, and storytelling are just amazing. You will be left wondering how someone could design and write a world so complex and characters so diverse and is able to present that in a very neat way.

I think it was easy to read once you got use to the switching of the characters each chapter. I downloaded the maps and did research to understand the seven houses. I love the ending and how main characters were killed off. Sad but very shocking and I had to go out and buy the second book ASAP. I'm reading it now and love it. Favorite charachters are Ayra Stark, Jon Snow, Danny and of course the one and only Tyrion Lannister!! You either love or hate the characters. I am so glad I started this series!!!

Yes, I'm not even a native speaker but had no trouble with it.

I got tired of it and put it away for the future.

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