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Was Gaby right or wrong?
deleted member Feb 16, 2012 05:26AM
Gaby Rodriguez faked her own pregnancy as part of a school project. She raised awareness, helped dispel some stereotypes, and gained a sense of empathy for teen mothers. But in the process, she misled a lot of people- other students, teachers, her family. Is it OK to be less than honest if you are clear with yourself about your motives? If you were one of the people Gaby fooled, would you be angry or disappointed?

I don't think I would be either with Gaby. I think she made a great point by doing what she did and I think she is a strong, powerful and confident girl for being able to go through AND pull off what she did!

I would not be upset with Gaby. I believe she did the right thing and showed that stereotypes are all in your mind. I absolutely loved this book! :)

Before I start I would like to post this review I read on the other page,

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I don't think I'll read this one, mainly because the movie was so bad and even though the book claims to have a good message I just don't get what it's trying to teach me. Yes, I get that stereotypes are bad, but let's face it. If you get knocked up as a teen it's going to be difficult to succeed in life. Yes, you can get a degree and everything but it's going to be hard to do. Raising a kid is a very time expensive and time consuming job. Yes, you might be smart enough to get into Harvard but that doesn't mean you'll be able to when you have a mouth to feed. It's not because your not smart enough, but it's because you have someone else to care for. So, yes I understand what this book is trying to accomplish but I feel as if it doesn't look at the realities of teenage motherhood.

Slightly related note. I recently wrote a review on the movie version of this book. If your interested in reading my thoughts click here.(less)

I am very hurt by this comment. I see people pregnant at my school and yes we know all of the things he said are true but is that what Gaby was trying to convey? She was saying we know it will be harder but they didn't need to be reminded of it everyday of their high school life. She wasn't trying to say being a teen and pregnant is okay. She was saying they didn't need you to tell them that. She was also saying that some people do make it and even though the odds are against them we have to be supportive.

I think at first I would be pissed because it is misleading and you did feel a certain amount of Empathy for her maybe (I may have even felt disgusted at myself if I had been called out for making a comment behind her back, like I'm sure so many did).

I think what she did was important and something that more people need to know. Even she recognized that she had herself fooled about taking peoples comments personally, because every time someone put her down for being pregnant it hurt her.

I think more people need to understand what they are doing to a teen mom, or even just people in general because kids are cruel, I know because I was in high school and I remember rumors being spread about me, and knowing people were taking about me behind my back.

Its an important lesson that everyone needs to learn and she's really lucky to have both learned it and shared it with her classmates.

I believe she did nothing wrong here. She did what she believed she had to do and she didn't even do it just for herself. Gaby Rodriguez faked her own pregnancy to show that your life isn't all planed out for you. YOU make the choices. YOU choose what roads your going down and the excuse 'My parents did it." doesn't cut it. I wouldn't be angry and certainly not disappointed. I would be proud. She had the strength to do something great and worth remembering. She pushed a lot of people to try because your life is up to you.

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