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(*Spoilers*) Why would this be the title?

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Monica I was wondering why it's called What My Mother Doesn't Know, becuase her mother knows that she wore that black dress to the dance and she knows that Sophie had a boyfriend and that she likes Murphy/Robin.

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Ava i know i was confused about that too

Lexus Richardson Maybe it was a subliminal message? even though her mother knew of the things she did, maybe it was WHY she did it. Or how she felt about certain situations.

Monica Yeah, true!

1 Skye-Anne T. Yeah I think it is because almost everything that goes on in the book is behind her mother's back.

1 Skye-Anne T. but then again, she does FIND OUT about alot of the stuff, just not right away.

Monica 1 Skye-Anne T. wrote: "Yeah I think it is because almost everything that goes on in the book is behind her mother's back."

Okay, that makes sense!

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Megan I think it's all the small hints to sexuality. I haven't read this books since 2003, but I remember he saying something about putting her boobs up to the window so her nipples can do that "trick" and also when she sat on that guy's lap in the car he "almost squirt" or something like that. I really don't remember exact quotes.

Abby Berke Although Sophie and her mother share some experiences, it's obvious that they are very disconnected from each other; they only know each other on a very surface level. There is more that the mother DOESN'T know about Sophie than she knows, and the same goes for Sophie about her mother.

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Sarah Chadbourne What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones is exactly what the title suggests: a collection of stories and events the teenage narrator wishes to keep from her mother’s knowledge. Overall my opinion of the novel was not necessarily a good one. I will acknowledge the author’s ability to transport the reader into the mind of a teenage girl, but being that I was not a “typical” teenage girl, I did not enjoy the journey I took through Sophie’s mind.

The narration was juvenile, even for a book written by a teenage girl. I felt the author was attempting to exemplify struggles of young adults through the novel but she did too much exaggerating in the process. As for the novel being written in verse, I don't believe it added all that much to the overall understanding of the novel. I would have liked more substance in the book than I found.

Julia Mueller If you go to her author website you will learn more about Hopkins and why she wrote this book and many of her other books. She is re-telling stories that happened to her, but with different outcomes. Maybe the title of her book is based on the fact that her mother didn't know, not that Sophie's mother didn't know. Hopkins states on her website that she was the girl waiting after a dance who got her breast grabbed, but unlike the empowered Sophie, she didn't do anything about it.

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