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Kari Gregg (karigregg) | 140 comments Mod
Coming March 12th at Riptide...

Questions? Have at it. :-D

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Kari Gregg (karigregg) | 140 comments Mod
Virginia wrote: "I pre-ordered yesterday. Looking forward to it."

WOOT! Thanks!

I should note...If you order from the Riptide site, the Trevor Project (which is getting my royalties from this) gets 49 cents, whereas if people buy it from a vendor like Amazon or ARe, we're talking 17 cents or thereabouts. =( So if anyone's planning on getting this one, PLEASE order it from Riptide so the Trevor Project gets as much $ as possible! [/shameless]

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Kari Gregg (karigregg) | 140 comments Mod
Sometimes the earth really does move.

Foreshock by Kari Gregg

Heya, dudes! Just a few more days and the wicked awesomeness that is Kyle & Eric will be available when Foreshock rolls out at Riptide on the 12th. Just a head’s up that I’ll be blog-touring it up starting on Monday the 12th, clear through the 16th, and giving away a $10 Amazon gift card at each and every stop on the tour. That’s FIVE gift cards that’ll be up for grabs, compadres. $50. Fifty bucks sounds pretty effin good to me, LOL. If you want your shot to grab for the goodies, I’ll be at:

3/12 — Joyfully Jay
3/13 — Dawn's Reading Nook
3/14 — Chicks & Dicks
3/15 — Long & Short Reviews
3/16 — All I Want and More

So stop by next week and see if you win!

Actually…If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter? You might want to do that. Soon. A new release means a newsletter and a newsletter means a random prize drawing among subscribers. So if you want a chance at a Freebie of Awesomeness sign up in the right column on any page of my website now.

But the fun hasn’t ended yet. How’d you like a freebie of Foreshock? I’m hungry so comment here with your favorite snack of choice. No diets allowed. Be decadent. Be mean. But comment by 10:00 a.m. EST Sunday, March 11th, the day before Foreshock releases. I’ll choose someone at random to win the free copy of Foreshock then. YAY!

What’s your fave snack? I am ready. Do your worst. Nom nom nom.

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