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Kayci (kayci24) I read this book in 2003 or 2004. It was definitely the first book, with a sequel that hadn't come out at the time of my reading it. It's possible a YA, but I'm not sure.

***Spoilers Ahead***

The book follows an adult female main character with a young son. She is estranged from her family, or perhaps her family is dead. She learns that her family is a gate weaver, and that she must learn the gate weaving trade to go....save something.

The premise of the book is that there's a reality "above" and "below" our own, and that what we do in these other realities bears consequences on Earth--in the form of natural disasters of what have you based on the amount of "magic" you do in these worlds.

I remember that near the end, the protagonist gives her son a gun with unlimited bullets to fend off the bad guys in one of these such realities.

Thanks for any and all help.

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Bryan457 | 284 comments Possibly Memory of Fire (The World Gates, #1) by Holly Lisle

From a review:
Lauren Dane, a gateweaver, travels back and forth between Earth and Oria. Her parents erased her mind when she was a child and she is re-learning how to travel back and forth...and why she should or shouldn't.

Molly McColl, a healer of epic proportions, is a hybrid alien/human who is kidnapped by Orians and foribly returned to Oria as their savior.

On Oria, humans have spectacular magical abilities, however, magic used on the alien planet adversely affects Earth. The sentinels are tasked with protecting humans from the feedback of this magical usage. Eric is the leader of the Sentinels and he works with Lauren, as well as the other Sentinels to figure out how a plague on Earth was started and how to contain it.

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Kayci (kayci24) Yes! That's it.

Thank you!

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