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Book #1


Ice. That's my name. I can't remeber a thing. So I named myself Ice. I look over my shoulder. They're almost up to me, hard on my feet. I tear my horrified gaze away from them and tear away as fast as I can. "GET HER!" Thye constantly shout that lousy line at the others, over, and over, and over. My ears are ringing and now my feet are sore. I zig-zagging in every direction, trying to shake them. My chest is screaming for air, and I force myself onward, knowing I'll be caught anyways. Oh, well. I guess I'd try. I see the way out, an open door! But just my luck. I think I can slow down just a teensy bit, and one of them grabs my shoulder and I fall, because it feels like he just crushed my shoulder. I whimper in pain, hopelessy crying out for help. But there's no one to save me. Not here. Not ever. They slam the door shut, lock it and hide the keys. No! My only way out! A bag envelopes me in darkness, and I can only think of what will hapen next. Silent tears stream down my cheek and drip onto the bag, which are then absorbed. I feel a sharp pain in my side. I notice it's a needle, and my vision gets foggy. I yawn and my last thought before I black out is careless. Oh, well. It was worth a try. and I black out.

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GO! That's the last thing Gaz told me. Go. Sad, isn't it? Then they shot her in the head. Right there. In front of me. So I went. But they caught me. All those people (most I don't know) sacrifed their lives to let me escape, and their efforts are put to waste.

My eyes slowly blink open. I'm on my bunk. The bottom, as always. It looks like Storm isn't here. I sit upright and examine my room very closley. It seems normal. Except for the deadening silence. It's never quiet here. Never. Because most of the people here talk and gossip and blabber. I enjoy the silence and give a moment of thought. I clench my fist in hatred. My one of my closest friend is dead now, and it's because of me. I thought we could escape, all the rouges and I. But our attempt was a complete failiure. Horrible. Wasted. Hopless. But we tried anyways, and I screwed everything up. "It's all my fault!" I wail and break the silence, only to be dragged on. I bury my head in my hands and think of Gaz' face, pitted with hatred and horror. It shall be embedded in my mind forever now. Haunting me in my dreams. Well, mght as well find someone. I hop off my bed. I step carefully and slip on my flats. I quietly slip through my opened grate door. The whole place seems deserted. No, that's not it. There are people. They're just staring at the floor, as if frozen in time. I can't even tell if they're breathing or not. I tip-toe through this wretched place. I make my way to the mess hall. It's empty and very dark. Suddenly, Storm, with her frizzy, deep, violet, locks of hair emerges from the depths. She smiles at me as if nothing's happened. "Hey, Ice." she waves at me, her bubbly aura leeks out. I force a smile and wave back. I stride over to her and take her outstretched hand. As soon as I do, the silence is shattered, and the bustle rages. I look around, like I've set off a nuclear bomb. "Something wrong?" Storm asks. I kept the whole "running away" plan hidden from her. She looks at me curiously. I look back at her nervously. "Nothing. Just suprised." I say. She smiles. "Come on, I'm hungry." she grabs my arm and drags me over to the buffet. I grab a tray and scoop up a bit of salad, a chicken leg, some beef stew, and an apple. Good stuff. But I hate whoever cooks it. She must be evil. Or he must be despicable. I give a nasty look toward the security camera and take a seat by Storm. "Mm. I love this stuff!" she manages to mumble between mouthfuls. "Yep." I answer and dig in. Anger, Sadness, and Joy sit next to us. "So. What went wrong this time?" I throw Joy a look of hatred and she just smiles. "Alright, alright. I'll ask later." she says. "Where's Gaz?" Solid mumbles. I look at my stew. "Where's Gaz?" Liquid quietly repeats. "They killed her." I shut my eyes to prevent the oncoming tears. They all gasp except for Fire and Storm. She looks at me and her smile vanishes. "Why?" she asks plainly. "We- I work hard to say it- "We tried to escape." I whisper. They all drop whatever's in their hands. "Why the heck would you do that?" Solid hisses in my ear. "I don't know. Freedom." I answer mutely. Fire looks furious and Storm is expressionless. "I'm sorry..." I say before I burst into sobs. But instead of tears, snowflakes float off of my eyelashes. I feel arms envelope me. Someone taps my shoulder and I force my tears(snowflakes) to cease falling. I look behind me. Oh. It's Balance. He's my training partner. "Ice? What's wrong?" he asks me, concerned. "Oh, no. It's nothing." I manage to answer and wipe my wet cheeks. He frowns but then grins. "Alright. If you say so." he says. "Hox told us to meet at the Training Area." I manage a grin. "Sure. Which one? Archery? Swimming?" He thinks for a moment or two. "I do beleive he said Spears." he looks at me with a twinkle of humor. I groan. "Spears? Don't tell me I'm training with him again!" I complain. He laughs and nods. I curse silently and stand up. I toss everything uneaten on my tray and exit the Mess Hall with Balance.

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I enter the Spear throwing center and tap a dial. It's 2050, and our world is being governed by... them. Don't ask. I've gotten no clue. There's only kids 12-18 here. All the Adults go to work at the... other place. I know, I know, I'm pathetic. I dial my nickname and my spear pops up. I grasp it and feel the shaft, and my fingers dance across the tip. I glance at a nearby target and chuck it, and it makes its mark on the bullseye. Lovely. I am very good at Spear throwing, but I am partnered with my trainer, Hox. He's a bit bossy and he's 2 years older than me. Sad. Hox appears behind me and throws his spear too. It splits another spear on a different target and hits the bullseye. I scowl falsely. He seems so much more educated than me. I laugh and call my spear back. It returns to my hand and I toss it again. And again. And again. BORING. I finnaly finish with 99%. And guess what? Hox ends up with a 100%. Shocking! No, really? I scowl and storm off to my bedroom. Today is the last training day for this prison. Tommorrow, they will come and draw our names randomly. Everyone's name is put in a computer once. And they pick 2 boys and 2 girls from this prison. Same with the others. This'll be my third time in the computer. I haven't been picked and I hope I won't. Our prison has won many times, and lost a few times. But when we do lose, we lose horrificly. HORRIFICLY. Our people get torn to shreds. Two people come home from one prison victorious. Others are surely dead. I've seen what's happened to them and it's definitley not a pretty sight. Blood baths and feuds. It irritates me when I realize it's for amusment. I bury my head in my pillow. My room is plain. I share it with Storm, my little sister. Fire, my older brother, shares a room with Balance, my partner. I force my eyes shut and try hard to fall into the deepest sleep I can. I don't want tommorrow to come, because I hate them all. It happens every year. Me, watching other kids suffer. It sickens me just to even think about it. But I clutch the pillow tightly. As I do, I drift into sleep. I hold onto the little ring Gaz gave me. The pin of the Snow Serpent. I miss Gaz very much. I really wonder if he even misses me, the one who caused his pain and suffering. Me, the one who caused his horrible death.

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My eyes flutter open and I awake with a start, gasping and sweating. Horible nightmare. I had a dream that Storm was picked and when she went into the arena, she was shot in the head with and arrow. And I was helpless to save her. So now I'm wondering what will really happen. I slip on my flats and notice Storm's still in bed. I go back and tap her on the shoulder. She shifts in her sleep and eventually comes down. We groggily shuffle over to the Stage. It's where they pick our names. Lovely. I hurry, because if they call your name and you're not there, they'll surely punish you. Very badly. Horribly. Kill off your relatives. When we reach the stage, There's no computer. Strange, why's that? Well, it's definitly a first. We're a bit late, but Edward Ringer has been blabbering on with his stupid speech. Blah blah blah. Every time. Now my ears hurt. He's a bit annoying, but other than that, he's nothing more than a nuisance. When he finally raises his hand, everyone flinches exceept forBalance and me. He shouts something, and a clear tube. Okay, I have no idea what it's for. Anyways, I try and get a closer look. Storm is trying too. He anounces that it is the new device they use. They say it's supposedly much more accurate, because they say for the past years, they've been getting "lousy" competitors. I gag. What's the difference gonna be? We're just poor helpless kids. Edward says that for sure, this years Game will be much more amusing. Oh, out with it! Draw a name already. But then announces something even more dreadful. Kids that are 13 have their name put in the tube 30 times. 14, 25. 15, 20. 16, 1. 17, 1. 18, one. My God! Do they want to see our youngest children be torn apart? This is definetly madness! I want to scream at him this is ridiculus, but I hold my tongue. Stupid, I hate every one of them. They're all stupid, insane, cruel, and unemotional. As always, ladies first. So, I sweat and cross my fingers it won't be Life or Storm. He plucks out an envelope and opens i. He grins, which means he's very please. He tosses it behind him and I gasp, because I most certainly think it's my 13 year-old sister Storm. But it's not. It's not Life either. He flails his arms out, and shouts out as loud as he probably can: "ICE OF ELEMENTALS!" and my heart nearly stops.

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (christa-ronpaul2012) Whoaa, way cool, can't wait to read the rest.

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yay! Thanku! I shall do more when people stop givin me updates! \(^o^)/

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