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Kaetrin | 93 comments Surprise by the Quarter

Listen to a narrator who was voted favourite in last year's poll
Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis, narrated by Karen White.

Listen to an audiobook produced in 2012
Dangerous Passion by Lisa Marie Rice, narrated by Karen White.

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Kaetrin | 93 comments Round Two covers April – June.

The Four Categories:

Choice #1 – The Funnies – Listen to a romance that is also a hoot!

For recommendations, take a look at Speaking of Audiobooks: The Funny Ones (, AAR’s Special Title Listing of Favorite Funnies (a list of print books but many are available in audio -, or just ask our group for suggestions.

Choice #2 – Listen to a romance narrated by a man.

Choice #3 – Rounding Out the Family – Listen to a romance where a child (under 18) or pet plays a significant role.

For pet recommendations, there is an extensive list at AAR’s Special Title Listing of Amazing Animals (once again – a list of print books but many are audiobooks as well For children, I’ll need to ask the group for suggestions!

Choice #4 – Listen to a non-romance.

I've listened to First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones, narrated by Lorelie King which was pretty funny but not all that romantic - I'd describe it more Urban Fantasy with romantic elements, but definitely funny. (It is branded as romance though).

I've listened to To Say Nothing of the Dog (Or How We Found the Bishop's Birdstump at Last) by Connie Willis, narrated by Stephen Crossley - this book did have a romance in it, but was not strongly romantic. There was a HEA though so does that count as a romance for category 2 (listen to a romance narrated by a man)? In any event, I've also listened to Suzanne Brockmann's Born to Darkness which was co-narrated by Patrick Lawlor (with Melanie Ewbank) and that was a PNR romance, so I think I'll call this category covered. Born to Darkness also had a major character who was under 18 so that would count for Category 3 also.

I've listened to The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold, narrated by Lloyd James. This has a very small romance but is categorised as fantasy so that definitely counts for category 4 - listen to a non romance as well as listening to Rob Lowe's Stories I Only Tell My Friends (memoir) so I've done this category twice!

So, I've decided, I'm covered for Q2!

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