Destined (House of Night, #9) Destined question

do you think there should be a movie? why?
deleted member Feb 14, 2012 05:46PM
i think yes, but at the same time no. maybe why, is they might mess up the characters in real life")

i think the authors killed that posibility for me by the 4th book ¬_¬

I think they should as well but that would be lots of movies and they would need really good characters and a bunch of them for that matter

In all honesty, this series writing would translate horrendously to the big screen, or even a TV show!!! There isn't much character or plot development to base anything off of anyway.

heres what i think... this author killed the possibility of this movie to ever work out. but if it ever does let me just say that does actors better be really dam good, so good.. like immensely good. and even with good actors i really think the author messed up sooo freakend bad! that only people that have absolutely no life at all and enjoy watching good girls turn into ho's. and trust me... it wont be a big hit!

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