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The Diaries of Franz Kafka, 1910-1923

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message 1: by eric (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:43PM) (new)

eric yoo | 1 comments I don't know how often the linked site below gets updated but it's somehow affiliated with the Kafka Project.

They post Kafka's journal entries as blog posts.

I was looking through it this morning and I liked the following quote. It shows resolve and Kafka's humanity. A little pep talk perhaps. It could also be interpreted as an overdramatic, whiny side.

10 o’clock, 15 November 1910. I will not let myself grow tired. I will jump into my story even if it slices me in the face.

message 2: by Schlingel (new)

Schlingel | 1 comments It's strange to read a english Kafka Text. I'm used to the original german versions.

message 3: by Phillip (new)

Phillip | 42 comments Hello Eleven Kafka fans!
it's very nice to find a group that makes a lot of sense - as I have recently self-published a Kafka translation, Essential Kafka. I also have a website which contains a download of chapt. 18 of the Castle - I call this "story" Nocturnal Deliberations. My website:

Perhaps we can discuss this meeting of Burgel with K. - ?

Please let me know your thoughts, wishes -? It seems that this group needs more dynamic; I'd like to help in this domain.

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