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Vicki On page 93 it says, "When gods die, they die hard. It's not like they fade away, or grow old, or fall asleep. They die in fire and pain, and when they come out of you, they leave your guts burned. It hurts more than anything you can talk about. And maybe worst of all is, you're not sure if there will ever be another god to fill their place. Or if you'd ever want another god to fill their place. You don't want the fire to go out inside you twice. (Schmidt)

- Comments on quote?
- What other gods do you think have died throughout the story?
- Have they been replaced?

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I really like this quote! It reminds me of an Eagles song called Pretty Maids All in a Row. I think when someone you really look up to lets you down it hurts big time. I also think that Holling starts figuring out by the end of the story that his parents really aren't that great, and that in the end it is just him and his sister.

Vicki Angie, I am going to check out the song. I, too, loved the quote and its weird how I have seen things playing out in shows and movies, that bring me back to the quote. I don't specifically remember losing an idol, but its sad, how many I felt Holling lost in the book. I do kind of feel that his teacher replaced some of the loss though.

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Hummm I don't think I have lost a big Idol either, but I have lost friends along the journey of life. People I have tried to keep in touch with and then their lives get too busy for me. And eventually I stop trying. And I wonder how hard is it to sit down for five minutes and write me an email, call me, or send a Christmas card. But that is apart of growing up and I think that is one of the lessons of losing and "idol".

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