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Shakib where the hell can i read this freakin book online

Carter  Mason why the hell would you wanna find it online why not go to the library seriously..

Katie This book is far to recent to be available in the public domain and as far as I know neither the author nor the publisher has released it for free anywhere, however it may be available as an ebook.

Carter  Mason It is not very recent but it is true that you wont find it as public domain for free so just go to library and yes you can get it as a ebook.

Katie To be in the public domain the copyright on a book must have expired. This is a book published in the US and in the US, copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author. This book was published very recently - five years ago, and the author is clearly still alive since they are producing new, non-posthumous books. Thus, it is far from being in the public domain.

Carter  Mason yeah...

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