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message 1: by Kaylee (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:39PM) (new)

Kaylee  | 3 comments Mod
tell me your true stories...

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Amber  | 14 comments I rember this story as a dream, but I know its true. My family has kind of this wierd thing, my sister can see ghost, my mom can see but they can't hear them, I rarly see them but usually hear them. I can all so sense them. My sister and I will tell you gladly of this but my mother it takes a while. Well one day we were all in the kitchen and we saw a ton of ghost, just walking by.

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Kaylee  | 3 comments Mod
ok? confusing? weird.....um ghosts are weird

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Haley82 | 1 comments wow that's crepy

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim Cox (kimcox) | 1 comments My mother visited me in a dream. It felt so real. It was around the Mother's Day after she'd passed and I was feeling pretty down about her being gone. The visit made me feel good, and I truly believe that was her intention.

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 9 comments My story is simple;At our school,on a normal drama-filled day we were having a converstaion about the movie we were watching in Shakespeare..and well,we suddenly felt this chill. My skepticism got the best of me then,but later on my friend said she had felt some warm breath breathing on her. "That was probably just your imagination." So I set out to prove that it was just that. I got a recording device and i said,"okay whatever you are tell me what you want"....when we finished recording..i was amazed! I heard this really wierd low voice..it was a bit unnerving. My friend would still have the recording if it hadn't been for the teacher taking up his thing.

Melody. =)

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Amber  | 14 comments Awesome I was going to say I want to hear! I can always feel when they walk through them, its really creepy!

message 8: by Amber (new)

Amber  | 14 comments We have ghost that wants his rocking chair! He is kind of an angry old man with a crooked back and a hat with overalls!

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mama me ya??? (emo_love) when i was a baby, my mother and father took me to my grandfather's grave. then a spirit lifted me out of my dad's hands and took me from them. my mother ran after me then when she caught me, she was not able to pull me away from the spirit. now i am able to see that spirit who took me and i loved him for sometime for giving me this gift. after my grandmother died, i hated him but now i love him again.

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meggie2012 | 10 comments iremeber this one time when i was little i had seen my first full-bodied apparition- the holy grail of ghost hunting. i was about 8 i believe and i was sitting on the couch watching tv and i saw this little girl outside my window. she was waering a yellow dress from around the victorian era. she was standing there for about five minutes waving at me. i thought i should go outside and see who it was. it was pitch black outside yet i could see her clearly i got about 8 feet away and sh disapeared into thin air. i was freaked out so now i want to investigate the paranormal.

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mama me ya??? (emo_love) wow!!! that sounds pretty cool...i never thought of investigatingthe paranormal.....

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meggie2012 | 10 comments i thought that investigating the paranormal would help me with wat i saw.

message 13: by mama me ya??? (new)

mama me ya??? (emo_love) yeah...

☼☼Khloe☼☼~*~Thirteenth Step~*~ (tripoddog) | 2 comments I feel left out! I've never seen a ghost in my life! I just love ghost stories and hearing about other peoples experiences.

message 15: by mama me ya??? (new)

mama me ya??? (emo_love) thats ok...not everybody sees them and its awsome that you love ghost stories...

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Lunabell Many stories: all completely TRUE!!!

1. Every full moon, and new moon, I feel a weird pull to my backyard, at about midnight. I can't resist it, and i feel as if I'm not controlling my feet. I end up walking right out my back door. Once outside, I dance. And dance. Then I usually swing on this swing that we have, and jump off of it, and it feels like flying because it's really dark out, and I can't see anything. Then I usually run around with a bow and arrow, and skulk in the bushes. Then I do this weird dance again, that I'm not controlling, my feet are just doing, and then I go back to sleep. Isn't that weird? I have no control at all over it. It's true.

2. There's this one spot right outside my cousin's door that's cold. It's just a cold spot, icy. No wind or anything. That's what he tells me, at least.

3. Once, this kid in my cousin's class all of a sudden started crying. She said she saw her grandfather, bleeding. She didn't seem like she was lying. Her grandfather had passed away, a year ago. None of the other kids could see her grandfather that day. Just her. That, again, is what my cousin tells me, and I believe it.

☼☼Khloe☼☼~*~Thirteenth Step~*~ (tripoddog) | 2 comments that is strange... I think that last one was kind of sad though.

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Lunabell Yeah, apparently she seemed really upset

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Lunabell strange. It does, though, doesn't it?

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Lunabell I'm pretty sure I'm not Artemis herself... I would think I would know it if I was... maybe I'll just be a Hunter with her, like in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books. Sadly, I haven't gotten to join her yet. By the way, in two days it's a full moon. Maybe I'll try to write about it while my brain is fresh. Just a thought... can you smell nighttime? It has a certain scent that I can't quite name. No one else I know can smell it, but it's WONDERFUL!!!

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Lunabell Okay. Today's a full moon. It was a bright and sunny day, very hot, but I decided that I wanted fog, and clouds, and wind, completely unnatural for summer. I stood in my backyard with my hands above my head, and willed the clouds to come. I swirled in a circle, willing wind to come, becoming the spirit of the wind. Suddenly, I felt a fierce gust of wind. It surprised me, and I lost my concentration. The wind stopped. I concentrated again, and wind came, really strongly. I actually saw clouds come REALLY EXTREMELY QUICKLY over the horizon. The clouds soon covered the sky. The day was no longer hot, still, and sunny. I then went inside, and could hear the roar of the wind outside. I concentrated on letting it be sunny and still again. I couldn't hear the wind anymore, and when I looked out my window, it was sunny. Then I sat down to write this.

I think I'm more than just nighttime. There is something else, I'm sure. I just don't know what.

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One time when i was younger i don't remember how old, i was just sleeping in my bed. from where my bed's at, you can see the window. all of a sudden i woke up and looked out my window. when i looked out all i saw was a black hand knocking on the window. it completely freaked me out! i ran to get my mom and she tried to calm me down and then brought me back to bed. when she brought me back, i could still see the hand. yet, she couldn't. then when i got in bed, it just disappeared! i have no clue what was up with that.

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i have another story. when my grandpa died, about 2 hours after he died, all of a sudden a white dove landed on our roof. it stayed for quite a while and didn't move, except to go between over my bedroom and over my brothers. it made us feel so happy! it even let my mom climb up on the roof and get really close and take pics of it!

message 24: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell Awesome stories!!

message 25: by meggie2012 (new)

meggie2012 | 10 comments caitlin those stories are realy cool.

message 26: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell Story:

So with the whole nighttime thing...

Yesterday was a new moon. I've noticed I've got stronger bonds with new moons than full moons, and I realized something yesterday- stars are brighter on new moons. I used that excuse to go outside yesterday night. Alas, I could not dance, because my parents were nearby... they would think it strange...

So I looked at the stars, and breathed the lovely scent of nighttime. What's strange is: the scent of nighttime goes away if there's any light on. It just suddenly dissappears.

That night, I begged Artemis for a sign. Something. I didn't know what. Just then...well... I don't know if I should say this... I saw... a shooting star. SUPER bright, and it's path streaked behind it, brightly. It's path stayed around longer than the actually shooting star. Then the path flashed, and died out. It was... amazing. That night, I also heard the sounds of rushing water, waves, howling wind, and crackling fire. No one else heard them, I asked many times. But it was silent at the shooting star. I haven't told my parents about it.

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Lunabell I know that I'm bored when I post two posts in a row, LOL.

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Lunabell I just went on a two-week field trip with my school. There's this other girl, who I became MUCH closer with during the trip, even though we were all friends anyway. I discovered that she does the same in the night, and smells it the same way I do.

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mama me ya??? (emo_love) this morning (2 am), i was meditatind and i saw myself putting on my tennis shoes, but when i saw my self i was happy but i'm a very depressed person. it was kinda scary but also cool.

message 30: by ♥([Melody])♥ (new)

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 9 comments I love the paranormal.
People always think im kinda freaky for investigating it and stuff...they also think im emo which is totally not true!
My buds and i used to go around helping people with spirits and stuff...idk what happened the group jst kinda sorta crumbled.

message 31: by meggie2012 (new)

meggie2012 | 10 comments i know what you mean. my friends think it is weird that i want to be a paranormal investigator. my gym teacher supports all the ay which i find alittle weird. and there are some colleges that you can get a degree in paranormal investigations.

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♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 9 comments REally? Thats Kool! Which ones?

message 33: by meggie2012 (new)

meggie2012 | 10 comments i am not entirely sure. i was going to do research one it. my gym teacher actually told me about the colleges.

message 34: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell Okay...freaky. I saw a spirit yesterday...

Anyway, Kathy, that is truly very cool, and sad at the same time. Quick question: is your mom the sort of person who is practical and DOES NOT believe in fantasy, or is she one of those people who believes...

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Gina Lamm | 1 comments I think my house if pretty haunted because I always keep getting a feeling that I'm being watch. One Saturday mourning, my dad's shredder came on by itself. I thought it was my Dad, but my mom told me he was sleeping. When I was reading a book, I swear I saw someone listening to me over the couch, in the corner of my eye. When I was going to sleep, I heard someone whisper my name. Whenever I'm downstairs in the house by myself, I heard footsteps upstairs. I would hear knocking on my door and my dogs started barking, so I went to go check and there was no one.

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=== I allmost DIED because of a Deamon in my house
I think i DID die but a spirit named Fern gave me her energy
So I lived
The deamon STILL wants me dead thoe
My parents dont belive in ghosts
they dont know I DO

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Fern gave you her energy so you lived?

message 38: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell Is Fern still there?

message 39: by === (new)

=== no she faded
now i can only talk to Keria

message 40: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell That's sad.

Why do you think the deamon wants to kill you? Most likely it wants to possess your body...

message 41: by === (new)

POSSESS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THATS JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 42: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell ...hate to break it to ya, but I don't think he cares about gender. Fight for control.

message 43: by === (new)

=== ...
i still think its wrong

message 44: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell yeah, it is.
g2g bye

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=== ...

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Can I post Pics on here???????

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=== yeah
Hold on I have to clean up some paper on the ground ill be right back

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=== 5 seconds latr
im back!

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Ok, here are some:
[image error]

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Lunabell ...That's not really what we mean by ghosts... but it is kinda funny.

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