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Sarah Fernandez I just finished the book"Cloudy with a chance of boys."It was awsome,I love how it connects to my life.Now I've started reading a book that my librarian Ms.Marla recomended me to read.It's called "My fake boyfriend is better than yours."I haven't read a lot but I think it's about a girl named Tori and her best friend Sienna.They do everything together,then everything changed after summer vacation.During summer Sienna never called,texted,e-mailed,write or video chated with Tori,witch made Tori mad and confused.Now Tori goes to school and Sienna looks and acts diffrent,she's even saying now she has a boyfriend.Tori doesn't buy it so she thinks Sienna is lying and makes up a fake boyfriend for herself.This makes their relationship as BFFs even harder.Lets see how they will make it through 7th grade.I love this book I wonder what will happen next.

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